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Control Panel

Manage your server and hosting accounts with ease using cPanel and WHM or the Parallels Plesk Panel. You can purchase a cPanel or Parallels Plesk license directly with us at our competitive rates. A cPanel license is just £20 a month and Parallels Plesk license starts from just £5.00 a month. You can also configure your server order if you do not need a control panel.

Operating System

Choose between a Linux distribution like CentOS and Debian, or Windows Server (license sold separately), depending on your needs. If you need to run or make use of Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET or Microsoft SQL Server, you will need Windows Server.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to offer SQL Server at competitive rates, including SQL Server Web, SQL Server Standard, SQL Server Enterprise editions from just £15 a month. We also offer the free 2005 and 2008 Express versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is absolutely essential if you run an eCommerce store or business website where personal or financial information can be submitted (e.g. through a client area or ordering system). An SSL certificate is the authentication layer that a Web browser relies on to determine whether a secure connection to a website can be trusted or not.

Software Firewall

Symantec Endpoint Protection is an industry leading firewall and antivirus agent and protects your server from malware, viruses and other types of threats. Symantec Endpoint offers everything under one high-performance agent with a single management console.


Have complete piece of mind knowing your data is completely backed up and in safe hands with our Remote Backup plans, based on R1soft's Continnous Data Protection (CDP) technology providing near continuous data protection.


MailEnable is a POP3/SMTP mail server supporting unlimited email addresses, domains, groups and mailing lists with powerful relay control options and configurable options. MailEnable Standard is available free of charge.


VMware is the industry-leading virtualisation platform for building cloud infrastructures. VMware vSphre can consolidate 15 or more virtual machines on a single physical server without sacrificing performance or throughput while VMware ESXi is a bare metal embedded hypervisor for guest virtual servers without requiring an underlying OS.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 enables you to create a virtualised server computing environment. Each virtual machine is a virtualised system that operates in the exact same manner as a physical server in a fully isolated environment, and allows you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on one physical server.

Citrix XenServer

XenServer is an industry-leading, enterprise-ready, cloud-proven virtualisation platform that has all the capabilities required to create and manage a virtual infrastructure to help lower costs and increase IT flexibility.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database, a relational database management system, supports both file based database system as well as client-server architecture. This dual feature enables databases to be highly scalable without compromising on the performance quality.

SmarterBundle Pro

SmarterBundle Pro

Every Windows Dedicated Server comes free with SmarterBundle Pro, a leading range of business tools for e-mail and communication, customer helpdesk management and website analytics, worth £450 when sold separately. Perfect for small to medium businesses, these tools offer complete e-mail, instant messaging, file sharing, helpdesk and website analytics management. Watch the video

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Our advanced Proactive Monitoring service takes all the hassle and worry out of server monitoring. Our in-house developed monitoring solution constantly checks on the health of your server and its performance to ensure it remains in top condition. If a problem is ever found, our system automatically notifies you. What's more, all dedicated servers now come with 30 minutes monitoring free!

IPv6 Support

IPv6 Support

All of our dedicated servers are ready for IPv6, allowing you to make your websites and online applications available to your visitors that use IPv6 to access the Internet. With thousands of companies already supporting IPv6, now has never been a better time to consider enabling IPv6 on your own server. Contact our experienced technicians for free help and advice on getting IPv6 up and running today!

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