About Disaster Recovery

Whether you use a Cloud environment or dedicated server hosting to host your technology infrastructure, it is imperative for you to make sure you have a plan for your configuration in the event something goes wrong. We all know that technology sometimes breaks. Therefore, it is important to understand how your business would get affected in case an undesired event occurs and this very fact underlines the importance of a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan for businesses nowadays. As a result, many web businesses with critical day-to-day operations rely greatly on Disaster Recovery (DR) services these days in order to prevent or minimise the effect of service disruptions through man-made or natural disasters.

An effective DR plan

All organisations, large or small, need an effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan to ensure their business keeps running - even in the face of a whole site outage at the primary data centre location. Thinking ahead and developing a plan before disaster strikes is the first step in ensuring business continuity.

  1. Data Access: Being able to recover critical business information such as customer database or own website data will put your business back on track faster. With an effective DR plan in place, you will already have the means to access vital information to carry on the business operations in the aftermath of a disaster.
  2. Data Backup: Backing up important business data and maintaining it at a safe place will help prevent the loss of vital information during an emergency. Due to the highly competitive business world of today, the importance of data backup has become a top-most priority for organizations, which has in turn increased the necessity of data recovery solution.
  3. Minimal Damage and Loss: Disaster Recovery plans help minimise or eliminate potentially massive financial losses in case of a natural disaster or calamity. Threat assessment within a Disaster Recovery plan is an effective measure of identifying the potential losses that could arise and allow you to develop safeguards.
  4. IT Reliability: Prior planning will help safeguard your business systems if IT resources and security measures go offline for a period of time. An effective Disaster Recovery plan helps all businesses that depend on access to data and information technology to prepare for continual operations even in the event of a server failure.
  5. Stress Management: An effective Disaster Recovery plan will ease the first few days of panic after a disaster because you will already know what to do to keep your business running effectively and efficiently. During a disaster and in its immediate aftermath, having an established contingency plan will save you and your customers from a major stress.

Disaster Recovery on eNlight Cloud

Many Small/Medium Businesses lack the budget for their own Disaster Recovery site, but they still need a solution that's just as responsive and resilient as their primary site. These days, even SMBs need to be up and running after a disaster just as rapidly as any enterprise organization as their businesses too greatly rely on online presence. Unfortunately, most traditional DR services are unaffordable for them as they come either at very high cost as they require exactly the same hardware set up at the DR site as the Main site. This effectively means double the investment of the main site. Some DR services come with weak guarantees about the amount of data lost or time required to restart operation after a failure.

So how does eUK Disaster Recovery on eNlight Cloud address these concerns?

At eUKhost, we offer Disaster Recovery as a Service on our Pay-As-You-Go eNlight Cloud Platform. We believe that our eNlight cloud computing platform is ideally suited for offering DR as a service due to its pay-as-you-go pricing model that lowers costs significantly, and at the same time, the use of automated technology minimises the recovery time greatly after a failure. Disaster Recovery on eNlight Cloud delivers faster recovery times and multi-site availability at a very nominal cost of conventional disaster recovery set ups.

After the set up of eNlight based DR plan, the DR set up would only use up a small share of resources at all times under normal operating conditions in order to synchronise the latest data from the main site. The full amount of resources equivalent to the main site's resources might only need to be provisioned and paid for when any disaster strikes. The use of eNlight Cloud platform also ensures that additional resources if required can be rapidly provisioned to safeguard the operations even after the disaster. In contrast, a web business using a traditional DR set up must always have physical servers available to meet the resource needs of the full disaster case, resulting in a much higher costs even during normal operations.

With eUKhost DR on eNlight Cloud, you do not have to worry about continuity as the intelligent eNlight Cloud requires no Manual Intervention.

We save your business capital by billing you only for the disk space used to maintain the DR site, and not for the entire server. Our DR cloud is scalable, thus ensuring availability of scalable resources for you when you need them the most!

1. Significant Cost Savings: With eNlight based DR solution, you save a significant amount of operating costs of your business as you pay for full resources only when you need them i.e. when a disaster occurs at the main site. Under normal conditions, you are only charged for disk space at the DR site which is used for data storage and synchronization. Once the main site is restored after the disaster, you can simply stop paying for the full resources at the DR site.

2. Faster Recovery Time: eNlight based DR solution enables full recovery within seconds of the disaster striking the main site, that too without any manual intervention. You no longer have to worry about waiting for hours till your traditional DR site takes over the operations. We configure network in such a way that it helps overcome DNS and IP limitations and users immediately get switched to the DR site without noticing a major downtime.

3. No Downtime, No Data Loss: eUKhost DR solution being based on intelligent, auto scalable eNlight Cloud platform results in zero downtime as the possibility of Hardware and Network glitches that may arise and cause a delay are covered by the DR site. The DR site takes over the complete operations from the main site within a matter of minutes of the main site being hit by a disaster. This reduces the chances of any data loss significantly.

4. Unmatched Flexibility: The auto resource scaling feature of eNlight allows the users to run the VM's at the Disaster Recovery site with minimal resources. This helps in reducing the IT Infrastructure investment on DR by up to 80%! Multiple organizations can be hosted on a remote Disaster Recovery set up and the sizing of the VM's of DR location can be kept minimal. The VM's automatically scale up if Disaster Strikes the main datacenter. Traditional DR set ups result in equal investment at the main site as well as the DR site, but eNlight guarantees savings of up to 80%.

In this era of 100% uptime and varying degrees of traffic, the portals that are accessed by thousands of users per day have to be supported by a robust infrastructure. eUKhost provides such high availability infrastructure equipped with load balancers to ensure that all visitors coming to these portals have a seamless and smooth experience. Over the last decade, eUKhost has specialised in setting up high availability load balanced clusters for its clients.

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