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Equipped with pre installed software, you can instantly provision virtual machines yourself through the user friendly control panel interface.

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You will be charged only for the resources you use thus completely eliminating hidden costs / surcharges.

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Check the performance of VMs anytime, anywhere. Web based console gives access to complete servers' activity without location restrictions.

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No time bound contract gives you the flexibility and freedom to host your websites when you want, as you want and for the duration you want.

eNlight Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing

What is eNlight ?

eNlight is among the first cloud hosting platforms in the industry to provide automatic scaling of resources. With its intelligent design, eNlight is able to calculate the need for additional resources and the need to withdraw them as and when required, therefore providing a truely scalable environment.

How is eNlight different from other Cloud Hosting Platforms?

With eNlight Cloud servers, you do not have to worry about resource allocation and server upgrade/ downgrade cycles. eNlight takes care of these tasks seamlessly and adjusts resources in real time, without having to reboot. As opposed to the traditional method of upgrading resources on the server, eNlight will free you from the tedious process of shutting down and starting up again during component changes, such as RAM and CPU.

With resources automatically allocated as per your server load, eNlight knows when to allocate and remove resources on your virtual machine. As a user, you can create any number of virtual machines and destroy them after use.

eNlight Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing
eNlight Cloud for WINDOWS eNlight Cloud for LINUX eNlight Cloud for CLUSTER
Full Administrator Access Full Root Access Create Cloud Servers within a Cluster
Dynamic Auto Scaling Cloud Dynamic Auto Scaling Cloud All Featuring Dynamic Auto Scaling
Scale from 512 MB to 64 GB RAM seamlessly on-the-fly Scale from 512 MB to 64 GB RAM seamlessly on-the-fly Mix and Match Linux and Windows
4 CPUs by default Scale up to 24 CPUs Host Web & DB separately for Best Performance
Upgrade Disk Space without Downtime Upgrade Disk Space without Downtime Gbps Private Network, less than 2ms Latency
2 IP Addresses free 2 IPs Addresses free Network Security on Switch VLANs
Plesk (Optional) cPanel/WHM (Optional) Provision for Private Storage
Web-Based Console Access Web-Based Console Access Full Control via Web Console
Instant VM Provisioning Instant VM Provisioning Create VMs instantly

If the eNlight Cloud Computing platform isn't what you were looking for, please consider paying a visit to HyperV VMWare Hosting or check out our Dedicated Server offerings.

If you have any questions about eNlight, please contact us via. Live Chat to speak with our Sales Department or send an email to sales[@]eukhost and help yourself learn more about our Cloud Servers and its alternatives that are best suitable for your requirements.

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