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Billing & Resource Calculations

Click on logs icon in front of the VM to check logs :


You will see following screen


Above screen have two sections i.e.

  • Select Report Criteria, where you can set the various criteria of the graphs which will be shown.
  • Resource Graph shows the graphs on the basis of criteria selected.

Select Report Criteria :


Here you can select the criteria of reports you want to see. You can set the criteria from per hour (which will show 5 minutes logs) to Yearly log for resource consumption or billing charged.

Following are the Different parameters you can use to Generate Graphs

  • Resources : This option allows you to switch the Graph between Resource Usage and Resource billing charged for the VM.
  • Year : Select the Year for which you want to see or check Resources.
  • Month : If you want to see the Resources of any particular month then you can select the month and logs of that month will be displayed.
  • Day : This will display the logs of a particular date of that month.
  • Hour : Logs of a particular hour in a day will be displayed which will provide you an in-depth monitoring of your VM Resource utilization.

Once you set the Criteria Press "Show Graph" button to show the Logs and Report.

Resource Graph (Usage)

Resource graph shows the logs and graphs of resource allocation and consumption of your VM of period mentioned in "Report Criteria"


CPU Usage :

This graph shows the CPU consumption of your VM. The green bar shows the number of CPU's attached by eNlight to your VM where as the blue Points are the actual consumption. You will be charged for your actual consumption and not for allocation.

Hourly CPU Usage

Daily Usage

Monthly Usage

Bandwidth Usage :

This graph shows the bandwidth usage i.e. all incoming and outgoing traffic from your VM. You can see Hourly, Daily and Monthly usage of the VM.

RAM Usage :

Allocated (Green Bar) Ram and Used (Purple Points) RAM is shown in this graph. As eNlight is auto-scalable cloud platform you can see in below graph that the RAM usage gas started increasing after 1600 hrs and eNlight allocated sufficient amount of RAM to the VM till the MAX limit set by user. Here user has been charged for the Usage (Purple) only.

HDD Usage :

HDD of a VM is a static entity i.e. once allocated you will have to pay for the allocated space and not for the Usage.

Summary :

Last graph is Summary Graph which shows CPU, Bandwidth, RAM and HDD Billing. This graph also shows total amount charged (Black points) for the selected period.

Resource Graph (Billing)

Billing Graph shows the amount charged on a VM and deducted from the Main balance on the basis of Resource Usage. Graphs can show you logs from per five minutes to days.


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