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eNlight FAQs

Why are the eNlight cloud servers unique from ordinary cloud hosting servers?

"eNlight" features "Auto-Resource Scaling" and "Pay-As-You-Go" which are among the very first in the Cloud Hosting industry. With its intelligent Auto-Scaling technology, eNlight is able to calculate the need for additional resources and the need to withdraw them as and when required. With prepaid billing, you only pay for the resources you actually use.

Do I need to be technology savvy to be able to use eNlight?

It is not necessary to posses' technical knowledge or background to be able to use eNlight. Equipped with easy and user friendly control panel interface, any user can easily get acquainted with eNlight and its functions. Besides, our 24x7 Support team that is available at all times to assist you with any issues, be it ordinary or extremely critical.

How can I use the billing predictor? How does it help?

Dynamic scale patterns of RAM, CPU, Disk and Bandwidth are provided on the predictor tool corresponding to time frames such as hourly, daily, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. You can just select the server configuration of your choice to get the estimated costs as per the server consumption percentage.

How does eNlight compare with a private cloud?

eNlight supports private cloud setup as well. You can host your own private cloud setup using eNlight in our Datacenter.

What is the uptime guarantee?

We provide with 99.95% uptime guarantee.

How many cloud servers can I create?

Unlimited! There is no limit on the number of VMs you can create under your eNlight Cloud account. Though there is a limit set on the number of virtual servers a user can create on a single day, there is no restriction on the count of VMs that you can create.

What kind of virtualisation platform does eNlight use?

eNlight runs on paravirtualisation technique that performs better than fully virtualized servers.

Do I get charged if my eNlight Cloud Server remains in unused state?

In such a scenario, you will have to pay only for allocated disk space and dedicated default RAM that is required for the virtual server to start.

How can I access my invoices?

You can view all the invoices in your Client Area within 'Manage eNlight' tab by clicking on 'View Invoices' button.

How does eNlight reduce the IT and administration expenses?

eNlight Cloud directly reduces the cost of your hosting infrastructure with Pay-As-You-Go billing structure. Besides, the upfront investment on server hardware is also saved. This in turn reduces the Capex and Opex like management, maintenance, electricity, man-power and other related costs.

What are the functions of the control panel?

Through the user friendly eNlight control panel interface, you can edit settings, Create VM, Manage VMs, Create Invoice, Start VM, Shutdown VM, Reboot VM, Delete VM, Access VM Console, Access Disk Management, View Logs and Forecast Your Bills.

Do I get cPanel/Plesk control panel options with eNlight Cloud?

We have cPanel based templates so you can create cPanel/WHM based VM from eNlight Management Panel where as Plesk needs to be installed separately on a Plain VM. Applicable license fees of both the control panels is payable separately.

How many IPs do you offer with eNlight Cloud?

You get 1 Dedicated IP with eNlight Cloud. In case you require more IPs, please contact our Sales Team through live chat or email.

Can I use SSL Certificate on eNlight Cloud server?

You can use a SSL certificate on eNlight Cloud if you have one or you can also purchase the certificate from us.

How long does it take to set-up an eNlight Cloud account?

eNlight Cloud account is not activated until the payment is received. You would not be able to create any VMs under your account until then. Once the payment is made and order is accepted, you can instantly start creating VMs from within your eNlight control panel.

How do I upgrade my eNlight Cloud VMs?

The virtual servers created under eNlight are auto scalable; hence there is no need of manual intervention for resource upgrades. The resources are scaled up or down on-the-fly as per the requirements of the VM.

How many CPUs do I get?

Each Windows VM comes with 4 CPUs minimum as standard, which can be customized or scaled as per the needs. In case of Linux VM, CPU is Auto Scalable with one CPU minimum as standard and maximum scale limit of 24 CPUs.

Can I increase/upgrade my disk space?

Each VM is allocated default amount of disk space as per the template selected and additional storage can be allocated as and when required.

Do you offer Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 with eNlight cloud?

All the third party applications which require a license need to be purchased and installed separately.

Which operating systems does eNlight support?

eNlight supports plain Linux CentOS and CentOS with CPanel, while in case of Windows operating systems, it supports Windows 2008 Standard and Windows 2008 Datacenter editions.

What If I want to transfer to another host?

There aren't any time bound contracts involved with eNlight Cloud so you are free to change your host anytime you wish to.

Can I resell eNlight services to my clients?

You can indeed resell eNlight Cloud servers to your clients building your virtual data center with very less capex.

What would happen if my resources exceed the defined package?

eNlight Cloud VMs do not have any resource restrictions. You can however define a max scale limit on CPU, RAM and Bandwidth of your Virtual Machines if you wish to keep your usage costs under check. These max scale limits can be changed anytime for individual VMs.

Is it possible to run third party applications on eNlight?

It is indeed possible to run third party applications on an eNlight VM. An "eNlight Virtual Server" is as good as a dedicated server in terms of functionality. So any third party application can be hosted and used as long as the system requirements are supported.

What kind of anti-virus do you use for eNlight VM?

We don't provide anti-virus protection with OS installed on VM. You can however install a third party anti-virus on your VM that is supported by the OS or the control panel installed.

Can I customize the hardware allocations on VMs?

You can change the number of CPUs, the amount of RAM and HDD space for any of your VMs anytime.

Does your support team handle technical problems that may arise while using eNlight cloud servers?

Our 24x7 Support Team is very well equipped to handle any technical or functional issues related to the eNlight Cloud physical servers or virtual machines.

Under what circumstances can an account get banned or terminated?

Illegal use of the server (violation of SLA or Terms of Service) will result in account termination.

What happens if my hardware fails?

In case of failure of any hardware component, we make sure that your server is brought up online as soon as possible. We provide High Availability feature as standard however, if in case the server doesn't come online, then you are provided with a feature to start it from your control panel. In case of node failure, your VM will be boot from another server within a span of 10 minutes.

Do I need to manually scale up/down resources?

eNlight works on "Auto Scaling Technology" which automatically allocates/de-allocates resources as per the need on a VM. All you have to do is set the maximum resource limits (optional) for your server, sit back and enjoy the uninterrupted service.

Is support available 24 X 7 X 365 for eNlight?

Our expert team of support technicians is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you with any issues related to eNlight.

Why are the charges of hard disk space fixed, though the charges of other resources are as per usage?

This is because hard disk space does not come under auto scaling. The disk space allocated to you is dedicated space and not shared with anyone else so the price for disk space is fixed.

If I need more resources on my VM, how much time will the resource allocation take?

"eNlight" is intelligent enough to allocate resources as soon it detects the need for them based on your server load. In general, it will not take more than a minute to allocate the required amount of resources to any virtual machine.

Could there be downtime on eNlight Cloud too?

Yes, there can be downtime in case of hardware failure or network failure or storage failure but that is an extremely rare possibility.

If Max RAM and Max CPU limit is pre-defined by me while creating a VM, what happens if the VM experiences a sudden spike in load and requires more memory than the max RAM limit?

If the memory requirement is more than the max RAM limit set by you due to sudden spikes in load, eNlight will not be able to allocate any resources more than the maximum value set.

Can cPanel or Plesk installation be automated from the cloud panel?

We have cPanel CentOS VM templates ready so there is no need to install it manually on any VM as those templates are ready to use. In case of Plesk, due to some limitations it is not possible to automate its installation as of now however we are working on Plesk installation automation currently.

What are the features provided in the control panel to manage VMs?

Through the Manage eNlight control panel, you can edit settings, Create VM, Manage VMs, Create Invoice, Start VM, Shutdown VM, Reboot VM, Delete VM, Access VM Console, Access Disk Management, View Logs and Forecast Your Bills.

How to create a new VM?

Creating a new VM is very simple with eNlight Cloud. All you have to do is select the template, set the max scale limit for RAM and CPU (optional) and click on Create. A new VM is provisioned within 10 seconds.

Can I manage my eNlight cloud?

Yes you can manage your eNlight Cloud account through the user friendly control panel interface provided. You have full control over your cloud virtual servers.

How can I check the usage of my resources for my VM from the control panel?

You can check live resource usage of any of your VMs through the control panel interface. You can also check the usage logs for every five minutes.

Will I be able to create virtual servers for my customers and will I be able to monitor the usage of all the virtual servers?

Yes, you can create VMs for your customers and monitor resource usage of their VMs as well.

What if I accidently delete one of my Virtual Servers? Will the files still be available?

We might keep the VMs for some time on the main node however recovery of deleted VMs is not guaranteed. If we are able to recover the deleted VMs, then you will have to pay for the duration until which the VM was in deleted state.

What will be the speed of the each VM of eNlight Cloud?

Each VM has hardware dependent CPU capabilities. Moreover, the current setup has Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5660 @ 2.80GHz each. We assign a certain number of VCPUs to each virtual server. Every VCPU is of the same speed as of the host CPU.

Are there any hidden costs?

eNlight Cloud works on Pay-As-You-Go payment model, so apart from new virtual server creation there aren't any additional costs payable. Any third party software license fees or additional IPs will be billed separately.

Do I have to purchase a license with eNlight for virtualisation?

You can directly avail eNlight Cloud services and start creating and using VMs. You do not need to purchase any license for virtualisation with eNlight.

Is it possible to recharge my account through my phone?

The invoice creation is currently done through our Billing System online that currently does not have a mobile version supported to make payments. So currently recharge through mobile is not available and you will have to recharge only after invoice creation through the billing system. You can however call us anytime to generate an invoice which you can then pay through any available medium.

Can you provide invoice for money which has been carried forward?

The invoice generation is only for the recharges you do. The balance can be carried forward and used until it becomes zero.

What are the payment methods available for eNlight?

We accept the following modes of payment:
Debit/Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Switch/Solo, UK Maestro)
Bank Wire transfer
Cheque or Money Order

Can I find out the approximate charges for resources used?

Please use our Billing Predictor tool to get an estimation of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly costs based on varied resource usage.

Why am I billed after every 5 minutes?

We take performance matrix for every five minutes to provide maximum transparency in usage logs.

If my server does not use any resources, will I still be charged?

You will only be charged for the minimum resource consumption irrespective of what the resource allocation is. CPU and RAM are charged as per usage while disk space is charged fully i.e. if we allocate 50 GB space to your eNlight cloud server, then you will be billed for the entire 50 GB space irrespective of its usage.

Is the VAT/ Service Tax included?

The billing is as per the resources used and VAT is included in the costs.

How does eNlight Cloud comply with various regulatory & legal requirements?

The monthly audit processes for Information Management & Quality Management cover all regulatory and legal compliances pertaining to datacenter and eNlight Cloud security. Some important activities that are part of these monthly audits are:

a. Inspections & monitoring of Router logs
b. Monitoring the health of Switches and review of access logs
c. Monitoring the health of Nodes

Legal compliances are addressed through detailed SLA clauses providing available legal options in case of conflict.

Where will my data be geographically located?

eUKhost currently offers eNlight cloud hosting service in UK hosted in its datacenters in Maidenhead and Milton Keynes.

How secure is my data handling?

The eNlight Cloud stores data on enterprise storages having multiple layers of security. These security layers are further strengthened by the best practices followed to store eNlight data :

a. Isolation of storage from public network.
b. Thick provisioning of storage to negate sharing.
c. eNlight is based on hardware virtualisation technology isolating cloud servers at the hypervisor layer for additional data security.

How is service availability assured?

eNlight being hosted at state-of-the-art Tier IV datacenter, eUKhost can guarantee 99.9% uptime. Redundancy-to-the-rack is maintained using dual power & network supply.

How is identity and access managed?

We are certified and competent to ensure total security against data theft and information leakages, to diminish risks and un-complicate server security. Identity of every client is verified by our billing staff and his / her email address is kept as the primary access parameter for eNlight Cloud account. Different Access Control Lists are maintained for staff members involved in providing eNlight support and services.

How is my data protected against privileged user abuse?

All privileged users involved in eNlight operations have to sign a strict privacy policy with heavy penalties & legal implications in case of any breach. Additionally, the entire datacenter facility is physically protected with 7 layers of security along with 24x7 surveillance monitoring. The floors are free from personal items like bags & electronic gadgets. To ensure protection from online threats, every device connected to internet is placed behind a firewall. These firewalls store logs of all activities carried out by any privileged user on associated terminals. Most operations are automated to eliminate human errors and Access Control Lists are maintained for privileged users. Network, nodes and storages are handled separately with independent rack biometric authentication.

What levels of isolation are supported?

eNlight Cloud is built on 3 layers of isolation, which are :

a. Server logins and client billing details are isolated to highest layer. At this level, the access details may be disclosed only by the client.
b. Billing area and cloud servers.
c. Layer 3 switches for network isolation and security.

How are the systems protected against Internet threats?

eNlight cloud is protected against various threats over the internet by multiple protection mechanisms, which are :

a. Firewall - Enabled on all servers by default.
b. An IDS connected in parallel to the router continuously monitors traffic and blocks known threats such as application and network virus(es). It also helps detect and eliminate a possible DDoS attack.
c. 24 x 7 NOC teams keep a close watch on aberrant behaviours of network.

How are server activities monitored and logged?

eNlight Cloud monitors the servers continuously and provides resources within a very short span from load detection timestamp. These changes are logged in real time and are provided to the clients with a minimum of 5 minutes cycles.

What certifications does your data center have?

Our data center are certified with :

» ISO 9001
» ISO 20000 / BS 15000
» ISO 27001 / BS 7799

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