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Key Features of eNlight Cloud Computing Platform

1. Practically Unlimited Resources - An eNlight virtual machine does not have any resource limitations. You have to apply resource limitations on your Virtual Machine yourself. You can set or change the MAX values of RAM or CPU allocation to your virtual machine at any time. These MAX values would be the threshold limit until which your resources would scale up to thereby keeping your costs under check. These limits can be altered or disabled for VMs anytime. Defining MAX value isn't a compulsion so if these value aren't defined, the VMs will have practically unlimited resources available at disposal to scale up to.
2. Instant Virtual Server Deployment - Your VMs will be deployed the moment you have ordered and paid for them, meaning that you won't have to waste time waiting for your account to be setup and configured. When migrating physical servers to a virtual environment you will be thankful for the low turn-around times with eNlight because it will keep the time it takes you to complete the migration of a single server to a minimum. You can choose from a number of pre-defined templates that will reduce the setup times further as this will mean that you won't have to waste time installing the applications that you need because they will be included as part of your operating system template.
3. Unmatched Flexibility & Utility - eNlight enables you to access cloud environment instantly and manage your needs with greater ease than ever before. eNlight has unmatched dynamic provisioning and scheduling of server resources, that form the core of its services. Web Developers can use their Virtual Machines for the period of their development project and then terminate the VM or simply get their development VM replicated to the production VM and recycle the old development VM with fresh OS installation for new project. eNlight will also help the developers to easily figure out the most optimum code to be deployed in production environment as the CPU and RAM scaling of the VM for various changes in the code can be analyzed.
4. Web-based Control Panel & Management Console - eNlight comes with a simple and easy to use Control Panel interface that can Create VMs, Edit Settings, Start, Shutdown and Reboot VMs, Forecast VM bills and perform many more critical day to day functions. The intuitive control panel interface enables you to manage the state of your individual VMs as well as monitor the resource usage of individual VMs so that it is easy for you to spot any performance issues that could potentially hamper your eNlight hosting environment. From within the same control panel, you can also create additional or purchase additional resources for your existing VMs as and when your needs dictate. The web based console gives you the freedom to access your VMs' activity without location restrictions. Create and manage multiple virtual machines while leveraging the eNlight Cloud scaling technology with the power of a centralised cloud hosting infrastructure.
5. Cloud Environment - eNlight is available in a Cloud hosting environment. With centralized storage and backup servers for hardware failure, we are able to offer a high level of uptime for your server. Backed up by our willingness to provide a 100% Uptime SLA, your server is truly in an enterprise environment. eUKhost eNlight Cloud Platform is Robust and Failsafe too as you get :-
  • The Power of X5660 CPU Servers.
  • High IOPS with our Redundant 10 Gig Storage
  • Quality Internet Bandwidth.
6. Zero Downtime - eNlight Auto Scaling technology detects the need for resources on a VM and scales itself up or down depending upon the requirements of the site/application hosted, thus resulting in no downtime even during the times of peak traffic or sudden load spikes. Besides, eNlight uses a state-of-the-art infrastructure which almost nullifies any kind of hardware failure possibility.
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