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Predict Your Costs

As opposed to traditional hosting billing techniques, eNlight is true to its commitment of "Pay As You Go". You will be charged only for your base specification and then for the additional resources you use. This ensures that you are not paying for resources you don't need during off-peak. If you are an ecommerce store, this platform is ideal for sudden traffic spikes and high demand periods, such as the run up to Christmas.

Use eNlight iNtelligent Resource Predictor to know your costs for eNlight based on actual resource consumption.

X5600 CPUs :
£ 0
£ 0
Disk (GB) :
£ 0
Time :
Bandwidth :
upto 1TB free
£ 0
% Usage :
Total Billing Charges  :   £ 0
Note: These predictions are based on default rates & usage and are for information purposes only.

Cost Savings

  • Prepaid billing structure ensures that your resource usage never exceeds your budget.
  • Forecast your daily, weekly, monthly & yearly costs using the predictor tool or on the basis of current resource usage.
  • Ensure that you are always fully aware of your billing and can't possibly be billed more than you are prepared for.

Usage Pattern Monitoring

  • Access complete logs of the usage and billing for comprehensive details regarding the usage pattern as well as the amount charged for the same.
  • Real time monitoring enables you to check the resource usage and amount charged for your VM for hourly, daily, monthly and yearly time span.

No Contract Periods

  • eNlight comes with absolutely no time bound contracts. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to host your website when you want, as you want and for the duration you want.
  • You can shut down your VM at any time and only pay for what you have used.

Traditional hosting setups usually involve huge upfront investment for hardware resources which might never come in full use. With eNlight, you will be charged only for the resources you use, thus completely eliminating huge investments on hardware and save costs!

Addons Price Addons Price
Operating System  
SSL Certificates
Windows 2008 Standard Edition (64 bit) £5.00 per month  GlobalSign DomainSSL £5.00 per month 
Windows 2008 Datacenter Edition (64 bit) £5.00 per month GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard £8.00 per month 
    GlobalSign Organization SSL £8.00 per month 
Control Panel   GlobalSign Organization SSL Wildcard £17.00 per month 
Plesk 10 Domains £3.00 per month GlobalSign Extended SSL £28.00 per month 
Plesk 30 Domains £5.00 per month    
Plesk 100 Domains £10.00 per month
Other Addons
Plesk Unlimited Domains £15.00 per month Dedicated IP £2.00 per month 
cPanel/WHM £5.00 per month Plesk Power Pack £3.00 per month 
    Dr. Web Anti Virus £4.00 per month