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Who can use eNlight ?

eNlight is a perfect replacement for virtual private server hosting customers looking for a cloud Hosting alternative, our auto-scaling technology results in cost savings and also guarantees 100% uptime for a growing business or personal website.

You can easily have cPanel or Plesk as the control panel environment for website management on your virtual machine(s). If you are a web hosting provider, your customers being hosted on your servers with the eNlight backend will enjoy continuous speed and reliability regardless of the resource requirements of your server. You can always ensure your eNlight service has adequate resources for any eventuality, for example in the event of a new product launch with your business.

eNlight has been designed to be a real option to VPS Hosting because of the levels of resources that are available to you as this will enable you to configure a very powerful virtual machine that will be able to rival even some mid-range dedicated servers. Many businesses are gradually moving their physical hosting environments over to virtual machines as a way of saving money because a single, highly powerful physical server can be designed to do the work of several low- to mid-specification physical servers through the provisioning of multiple virtual machines. However, for small businesses to achieve this is virtually impossible due to the migration costs involved and this is where eNlight comes in as it can provide you with the service that you require at a cost that suits you.

eNlight is also the solution to the resource related problems faced on servers, whether dedicated, VPS or any other type of hosting platform. With eNlight Cloud, resource usage on each VM is constantly monitored so whenever a demand for more computing resources is detected on any VM, the cloud allocates more resources based on actual usage. Similarly, when the demand for resources falls, it scales down the resources automatically. The advantage of this feature is that the resource size stays proportional to the actual requirements.

  • eNlight is an ideal choice for websites that attract occasional traffic specially those where announcements are made, new products are launched or exam results are declared.
  • eNlight is particularly well suited for applications that experience hourly, daily, or weekly variability in usage.
  • The same benefit applies to websites that experience high resource consumption only for a few hours every day.
  • Websites experiencing sudden spikes in resource usage or short traffic bursts intermittently can also be easily hosted on eNlight Cloud.

Such websites usually face downtime or performance issues due to limited capacity of their hosting. Making huge upfront investments for hardware resources which might never come in full use is also not a feasible option for most of such websites. eNlight has been developed keeping in mind these very aspects. It eliminates all the hassles associated with resource upgrades or performance issues when a website outgrows its hosting or experiences temporary spikes in traffic. Besides it also frees users from the tedious process of server shut down during upgrade of resources like RAM, CPU or Disk Space. With a Pay-as-you-go billing model where resource scaling is done automatically, you can just sit back and enjoy great computing experience!

The key features of the eNlight platform mean that this is a web hosting service that provides you with a much more dynamic hosting environment than traditional cloud hosting services. If you are looking for the ultimate in flexibility and aren't entirely sure where your requirements are going to head then eNlight is the ideal choice that will allow you to upgrade as you require.