How to login to the client / customer area on

1. Go on to any web browser.
2. Enter the url in the address bar.

3. Click on client area(small home icon) clickonclientarea.jpg

4. Enter the username as your email address which is registered with Enter the password manually if you know the password character by character. If you are copying and pasting the password, make sure that you do not copy the white space. To ensure that you have not copied the white space, check the distance between the last character of the email address and the blinking cursor in the username field after you have entered it. If you are using system generated password, the total number of asterisk i.e * in the password field should be on six like '******' without the quotes. clickonlogin.jpg
5. After confirming it, click on login.

6. If you have logged in successfully, you should be able to see client area similar to the adjoining screen shot. If not, then check the email address and the password again. eukhost client area.jpg

7. If the issue persists, get in touch with the support team via chat, tickets or phone.