I recently took my iPhone 4 in an assault.*It was not even a week and I had to buy another, this time the iPhone 4S (which has been the same pod), because I had become very dependent on this smartphone.Both of my applications like functionality to use had become part of me.*Here the advantages and disadvantages of having a*smartphone*.

People like reading lists in the posts, so I preferred to organize it well.*Below I detail*the advantages and disadvantages of having a smartphone*.*It is a very personal collection so you can disagree or discuss their experiences in the comments.

Advantages of having a smartphone
1. With a*smartphone*waits become more sufribles if you have something to entertain you.
2. You can complain online at Twitter, which does not mean necessarily that someone reads.
3. You can save time checking your mail or bills while going in the car or taxi.
4. You can chat with your friends without having msn on your PC at work.
5. You rely on independent internet connection can save you many times.
6. If you are using*Waze*can you avoid a lot of traffic if the information is good and you have a car.
7. If you are using*Foursquare*can have a list of real-time tips on where to go and what to do.
8. A*smartphone is almost a computer*where you can do many operations online.
9. All your information is centered in one place, you do not need more cell attachments.
10. You can see important (?)

Disadvantages of having a smartphone
1. You are socially isolated from the real world without being constantly talk "with the blessed device."
2. Can producirte dependence feeling of not being more than 15 minutes without using it.
3. Generates costs*postpaid plan*to buy apps, accessories care, etc.
4. Exhibit much confidential information in your photos, accounts, applications.*The*security*is basic.
5. You can make it look like a geek antisocial, depending largely on how you dress.
6. Maybe it's the only way I draw attention, but will be fixed more on your smartphone than you.
7. By having more storage start saving unnecessary waste.
8. Replacement cost is very high, if it gets stolen or you lose shocked pocket.
9. They are more delicate, the battery runs faster táciles sensitive screens, etc..
10. You can get killed just to steal it.