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  • Clarification on Cloud Hosting

    Hi All,

    One or two customers have been a little confused over the past month or so in regards to Cloud Hosting. There is a perception that their hosted websites will stay up, no matter what. Obviously there are a few exceptions to this.

    If your VM has dedicated 800 Mhz, and you attempt to use more than this, your VM is going to have problems. If you have 512 MB RAM, and you use all of this up, your VM is going to have problems. This is how it would be on a Dedicated Server. You can't use more resources than what you have been allocated. On a Dedicated Server you can't use more resources than what are installed.

    Our Cloud Hosting plans are designed to offer an option to just about any need a customer has. We have VM-VPS-01, VM-VPS-02 and VM-VPS-03. You can't use the resource allocation of a VM-VPS-03 on a VM-VPS-01.

    Part of this confusion has come from the fact that the traditional Virtuozzo VPS allows customers the ability to use more resources than what they were allocated when the server had those resources available. With our Cloud Hosting, there is no leeway here.

    So, in conclusion, Cloud Hosting can indeed give you 100% uptime, but not if you stick a website on it which needs more resources than you have bought. Upgrades can be made quite easily though, should you wish to. Claims for compensation will be denied if you have been advised by our Support Team that your services are unavailable due to overuse of the allocated resources.

    To the hundreds of customers who have already switched, enjoy your 100% uptime, but please be mindful of what I have stated above.

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    I'd also like to clarify a few other occasions as to when your services could experience "downtime".

    If your website is defaced or hacked, Cloud Hosting doesn't prevent damage and keep a backup for you. External backups should always be performed to ensure integrity of data should your VPS become compromised.

    Software. If you or your developer makes a change which breaks your website, Cloud Hosting doesn't prevent your website from experiencing problems.

    Kernel panic. This one is somewhat more unusual. A kernel panic can be caused due to a number of reasons. On a Dedicated Server, this is most likely to be faulty hardware. On a Cloud VPS, you are protected from faulty hardware, so this wouldn't be the cause of a Kernel Panic. After we rule out hardware we are either left with accidental damage done to the Operating System while a user is performing tasks, or the VPS being exploited/hacked. As i know most of our customers barely touch the command line or advanced features, the likelihood is hacked/exploited.

    A common cause of a website/VPS being exploited is due to insecure passwords being used. Weak permissions on website files and exploitable code can also cause the environment to be damaged. In most cases a hacker won't be deliberately trying to damage your VPS, they will simply be trying to gain control over it for their own purposes. This can often result in a kernel panic.

    Network failures outside of our own internal network are also not avoided by having a Cloud VPS. If there is a problem with your ISP reaching our network, your VPS will indeed be unavailable to you.

    A Cloud VPS will protect you against hardware failure and you are assured that you have dedicated resources available to you. As a result of this, the usage of other customers can not impact your VPS. These two things combined can indeed give you 100% uptime.


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