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    Hello All,

    I'd like to clarify something in relation to how these forums are moderated as I know a few people have recently become concerned about posts being moved or deleted.

    In most cases, if you can't find your post, it has been moved to the relevant section. If you posted a complaint thread in a shared hosting forum, but it is related to a VPS, it will be moved to the VPS section of the forum. However, in some cases, we do indeed remove posts.

    When do we remove posts? Almost all the posts we move will be related to spam, but there are occasions when we remove customer posts. A customer is always free to post a complaint on our forum, as long as it is a true reflection and experience. These such posts won't be removed at any time.

    However, if a post is made, which is pointing out a failure we deem to be an untrue experience, the post will be removed. If a thread is started out as a legitimate complaint and turns into a rant, or becomes a running commentary, baiting other forum users or customers to become involved, severe levels of sarcasm, especially when staff members are trying to help you, those individual posts will be removed and all efforts will be made to keep the existing thread if it doesn't leave huge gaps in the information.

    A quick browse through our forum will show negative experiences. We could quite easily delete these if we chose to, but we feel that having negative experiences on our forums actually keeps us alert to our customers needs and problems, as well as our technical department's performance. With that in mind, we really do have no motive or benefit to selectively delete legitimate complaints.

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    Definitely agree with John. 99.5% of the posts I remove are related to nonsense spam. I can personally say over the years that I have been here that posts aren't just removed because they are negative. But it gets into a whole different ball game when the become offensive and abusive.
    David Smith
    Managing Director
    DPS Computing Limited

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