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SSH access restricted on Virtuozzo Virtual Private Servers

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  • SSH access restricted on Virtuozzo Virtual Private Servers

    Dear customers,

    For better security of our customer's servers, we have decided to restrict SSH access on all Virtuozzo Virtual Private Servers. We have relayed this via the eUK-Status website (which can also be seen via the eUKhost Client Area), but we're posting this here just to make sure customers are aware of this.

    If you have a static IP, you can request our support staff to add your IP to the server allow list. However, we understand this is more inconvenient for customers who have dynamic IPs, but we are concerned of the security of our customer's servers which is why we have decided to implement this security change.

    You can also add your server via the Host Access Control section of Web Host Manager (WHM). Simply login to your server's WHM interface, search for Host Access Control and add your IP address for sshd. Please note if you have a dynamic IP, you'll have to do this each time your IP changes - make sure to remove your old IP from the access list afterwards.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers as a result of this change.

    Kind regards,
    Ben Stones.