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  • eUKhost Mobile Website

    Dear customers,

    We are extremely pleased to announce the public beta launch of our new mobile-optimised website. With this, whenever you visit the eUKhost website on your smartphone, you will be presented with a friendly and easy to navigate mobile-optimised version of our website. We are working hard to make the finishing touches and add even more features to our mobile site in the near future.

    But we're not stopping there. Our team is working on a fully mobile-optimised version of our billing system soon, you will be able to manage your entire account, pay invoices, submit and view tickets and much more directly on your smartphone.

    Our mobile website is designed to work great on touchscreen smartphones; including Android, Windows Phone and iPhone. We have taken considerable effort to make sure our mobile design is as speedy as possible, and we've made both server-side and client-side code optimisations to make sure our mobile website is fast on even the slowest data connections such as GPRS.

    We very much welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have while our mobile website is in public beta. You can e-mail us on [email protected] or in this thread.

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    Re: eUKhost Mobile Website

    Hello everyone,

    We have now implemented our mobile design on the eUKhost Blog and Knowledgebase.