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Nominet announces the registration of .uk domain names !!

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  • Nominet announces the registration of .uk domain names !!

    Nominet, the registry for .uk domain names has recently announced that .uk domain names will be made available for registration. The release date has been set to 10th of June, 2014. Now, you can have a sharper, simpler domain name to promote your online business. All the existing, domain names will continue to run normally.

    Any unique name that does not have an equivalent name registered as a or a can be registered on a first come first served basis.

    There are over ten million .uk names already registered. Nominet will first offer these customers the shorter form of their domain names with five years to decide whether they want to use it in addition to, or instead of the domain they already have. The one who owns the will be offered the .uk domain name.

    For instance, I own the name adam(dot)co(dot)uk. Nominet will offer me the registration of adam(dot)uk and not to general public.

    Nominet has also updated their whois records. Now you can go to their website, look up for the domain name and check if you can register the .uk name on the 10th of June.

    You may follow the below mentioned steps to check the availability of the domain name :

    Go to >> Whois lookup >> Enter the domain name, for example >> Click on Look up

    Result of WHOIS query:

    Domain name:

    Right of registration: None

    is registered between now and 07:59 on 10 June 2014,
    the right of registration will be available to the holder of

    Note : If a .uk domain name shows as 'reserved', that indicates that the domain name is reserved for upto 5 years and can only be registered by the individual / business that has the 'right of registration.

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    Re: Nominet announces the registration of .uk domain names !!

    Yes, the .UK domains will be made available soon. It is great opportunity for the owners to get their hands first on the much simple and shorter version on the domain.

    You can read more about it on our blog here: Get ready for .UK Domains, coming to eUKhost soon!

    There are many new tlds which will be launched gradually. Read more here: Now available over 100 new domain extensions.
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      Re: Nominet announces the registration of .uk domain names !!

      Dear all,

      We have received a few updates from Nominet. They are as follows :

      1. The .uk names can only be registered on the 10th of June, 2014. One cannot opt for pre-registration.
      2. The registration process will be the same as of or domain names.
      3. The prices are almost the same as the other .uk domain names.

      Adam Smith


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        Re: Nominet announces the registration of .uk domain names !!

        No pre-registration is a good move which means allocations would be on a first-come, first-served basis to qualified applicants. About first preference to be given to current domain owners, I believe there is a cut off date for this which is if you already own the version of a domain name and it was registered before that specific date, you automatically qualify for the .uk version and nobody else can register it but you.
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          Re: Nominet announces the registration of .uk domain names !!

          Dear all,

          We have just received an update from Nominet. If your existing domain name is registered prior to 28th of October 2013, you get the first right to register the matching .uk domain name.

          Adam Smith


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            Hello guys,
            I already registered all my domains in the new nominet format.

            Jonathan Smith
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