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    Dear Customers,

    We have now introduced a new stream of information called "Technical Notifications". Any customer who wishes to be updated with all the latest updations, upgradations & security measures taken on EUKHost servers & networks may now subscribe to this periodical newsletter. You would be getting all the required information from us regularly.

    Please visit to subscribe. We expect a huge number of subscriptions as so many of our esteemed customers are always eager to know about the technical developments. So here's wishing everyone of you.

    Our video testimonial section is also now open for uploading. Please do visit & upload your video clips :smile:

    Please also let us know about your thoughts on the quality of support & overall service being provided at the moment. Has any change been noticeable?

    This is a new endeavour which we have embarked upon. We hope to have your support & enthusiasm with us. As usual, we promise to keep you all updated from time-to-time.
    Quality Assurance & Analysis
    EMAIL & MSN :

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    Good to see we've got this up and running. Hopefully it should help keep members up to date with what's going on when there are any problems.
    Jonathan Crass
    Joint Partner in Checker Design
    Joint Partner in Jst Hosting


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      So I am. Thanks eUKhost! Yes things were good and now there getting better - this is yet another step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned.

      I've just signed up now .
      David Smith
      Managing Director
      DPS Computing Limited

      - Massive update! (September 2011) - It's now not neglected!!
      - New Site (10/2009)