Spamming of msn and other listed forum address

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    Spamming of msn and other listed forum address

    Dear Forum Members,
    I have received a spam email regarding eUK to my listed msn email address (although it did go to the spam folder!). As the only place where my hotmail account is listed in relation to eUK is the forum, I am surmising that there has been some kind of spambot scanning the forum picking up the email addresses which are listed in forum users profile.

    The email itself contained the WHOIS info for the IP which is mentioned in the email (as well as other rubbish). It's not rocket science for them to do that but it certainly made me look twice at the email.

    I have contacted the eUK team and the VPS which the spam was relating to has now been suspended as it appears to have been hacked. The forum software is going to be updated which should help however if you receive any further emails about eUK etc to email addresses listed in your profile, I would disregard them without opening.

    Hopefully this won't affect to many people on here however if you are worried about this kind of thing I suggest you remove any email addresses listed in your cpanel e.g. aim listed address, msn messenger addresses etc.

    IN NO WAY HAVE YOUR DETAILS/REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE FORUM BEEN COMPROMISED IF IT DIFFERS FROM THOSE LISTED IN YOUR PUBLIC PROFILE. And even if the one's in your public profile match, providing you don't send them your password, everything should be fine.
    Jonathan Crass
    Joint Partner in Checker Design
    Joint Partner in Jst Hosting

    Thanks for the heads up Jonathan .
    David Smith
    Managing Director
    DPS Computing Limited

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