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Is social media used for personal brand awareness?

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  • Is social media used for personal brand awareness?

    There are so many articles available to read that look at social media for businesses but actually, social media is great for building your own personal brand too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a top keynote speaker, job seeker, student or fitness professional, you can use social media for personal brand awareness. Here’s how to […]


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    Re: Is social media used for personal brand awareness?

    Certainly this blog post is interesting, but for some reasons I always have weird thoughts about social media sites. IMO, the primary reason for people visiting these sites is Social only not buying so throwing advertisement, snippets of information, answer questions, comment in front of them will not going to yield particular good conversion rates.

    Second thing is, now hundreds of thousands of people using these sites to promote their business, but the fact is no one has time or any interest there to read what information shared by someone. It’s basically like a person in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people all waving their hands and shouting to get attention.

    I am not saying give up. Just realize that the majority of information you share on the social media sites will never be taken by anyone seriously, unless you somehow become a famous celebrity like Richard Branson.

    Anyway, I will try the suggestions mentioned in a blog post to check whether my view towards social media sites is wrong or right.