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  • Disk Encryption Software

    I am looking for a free disk encryption software which should be compatible with Mac OS X, Windows 7 / Vista / XP and Linux OS. Please suggest me a free and good encryption software, as I have used some free but didn't work.

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    Disk Encryption is bit different from regular file or folder encryption. The main purpose of disk encryption software is to prevents unauthorized access to the data storage. There are many softwares available on Internet, but the two free open-source disk encryption sofwares I know are Trucrypt and FreeNAS.


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      Well, as far as I know, disk encryption is not necessary if you have a fully managed server as most of the necessary applications for security purpose are pre-installed including software firewall, however, you can consider it for additional security.
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        If data security and availability, you can further consider a back-up plan inorder to tackle situations where the data gets damaged or is corrupted. Although with a fully managed server you'd be able to keep your data safe and secure.