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Introduction to Elastix.

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  • Introduction to Elastix.


    Elastix is an open Source unified communications solution; it not only provides IP based telephone solution but also effective communication tools required for small and large organizations to make the process easy to use and effective.

    The Features include Fax, Emails, and Instant Messages apart from the widely used Telephone Integration.
    Elastix is majorly used to configure PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and Monitor the Process graphically which makes it easier to use.
    Asterisk is again an Open Source software which is generally integrated with Elastix to make the IP based telephone managed easily.
    Elastix can be installed on Any Computer or Server running on Cent OS (Version of Linux based open source operating system)

    The most important parts of Elastix:
    Asterisk: as the core PBX (Digium’s most well-known product)
    • VTigerCRM and SugarCRM: as a communication system with customers
    • A2Billing: program to pay bills of Asterisk
    • Flash operator panel: operator console which is like monitor display.
    • Hylafax: a software fax system
    • Openfire: a server with dialogue system, sending text and telephone network
    • Conferencing: is an controlling devise
    • freeBPX:an application tool for Elastix
    • A report system: part of Elastix that provide CD report
    • Postfix: a popular mail server
    • Round cube webmail: an interface for using web based mail services

    With Elastix the Addon softwares also play a major role to help communication and management get better.

    Tools like Sugar CRM provide you the facility to maintain records of your communications.
    FOP (Flash operator panel) makes it easy to monitor the communication system, very useful in call centers to manage Employee Logins and monitor your Staff.
    Free PBX is an application to integrate your Telephone line or SIP account to make and receive calls and to manage and create users and extension numbers.
    Most of these Addon are free with Elastix while some are paid software’s.

    Cyril Clive

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    A nice piece of information. Thanks for sharing Cyril. Elastix was first introduced in March 2006 created and maintained by PaloSanto Solutions which is an Open Source support company. In late December 2006, it was released as a Linux distribution with asterisk, zaptel and a lot of other packages.


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      Thanks Priya for the additional information. The project was selected for two straight years, i.e. 2007 and 2008 as a frontrunner in the SourceForge Community Choice Awards.


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        The elements involved in Elastix's architecture permit any user or enterprise to use the PBX as a gateway to the PSTN and integrate many other tools, programs, and elements to communicate in a well-organized way.


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          Thanks Priya,

          Basically, Elastix made it easier to use FreePBX and Asterisk on any Linux platform.They have created a revolution in the telecom industry and most of the fortune companies are using their solution as a backbone.

          Cyril Clive