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Is DuckDuckGo's search engine better than Google?

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  • Is DuckDuckGo's search engine better than Google?

    A few weeks back I came across a news that search engine Duckduckgo is better than Google. At first, I ignored. But now my colleagues are giving the same thought and many such reports are budding now and then in the favor of Duckduckgo. What are your views? Anyone who has been a long term user of this search engine? Is Duckduckgo truly recommended over Google?

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    I’ve been using Duckduckgo since last 6 months and here are some of the reasons why I love this search engine
    • If privacy is your biggest concern Duckduckgo doesn't store cookies or in layman language they don't track you.
    • If you want a no-ad experience, you are free to turn them off and support the search engine by spreading the love.
    • DDG integrates with top services like WolframAlpha, Wordnik, etc to provide you with answers on the search page.
    • You can Save Your Browser Settings In The Cloud by entering passphrase.
    • Allows to Narrow Down Your Search by Region and customize the search to cater the audience of a particular region.
    • You can Change the Appearance of DDG as per your taste
    • Bang Search directly redirects you to the site you wanted to search for.
    • Offers Cheat codes for those who have hard time remembering keyboard shortcuts for example.


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      The key feature of DuckDuckGo is that it doesn’t retain its users’ data. Thus, the search engine won’t track you or manipulate results based on your behaviour. So if you’re particularly spooked by Google’s all-seeing, all-knowing eye, this might be the one for you.