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5G Is Nearer Than You Think

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  • 5G Is Nearer Than You Think

    5G is said to play a big role in boosting Mobile Edge Computing and the IoT because the amount of data being generated at the edge by IoT devices is growing faster as compared to the ability of the network to process it. Due to the extra bandwidth of 5G, this problem can become exponentially worse. As Edge processing involves pushing compute resources out to the edge, all the IoT data comes in, it can be pre-processed to send only the desired results rather than all of the data. For example, sending an alert when the temperature of a restaurantís refrigerator is too high or too low, rather than sending every reading.
    5G is said to work as a catalyst for new applications and new opportunities that are just waiting to be imagined. Once 5G reaches its full potential, it could deliver possibly life-saving applications, where in the past those capabilities just didnít exist.