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    Came across a term DropBox Paper! After reading about it I could understand that it is a new collaboration platform that lets you create documents and to-do lists, assign tasks, share, edit simultaneously and is designed to take on Office 365... What are your views on this? Will it be right for your business?

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    Dropbox has been popular simple file sharing and cloud storage. It however did not provided any kind of editing or collaboration tools in the past. Today along with creating documents and to-do lists, assigning tasks one can share, edit, keep files in sync across devices and undergo many other tasks. The Paper features a minimalist design, with some basic formatting available. Dropbox Paper offers enhanced collaboration tools, advanced security and control, and unlimited file recovery and storage space. Dropbox offers discounts for nonprofits, educational institutions and buying in volume.

    Paper encompasses Dropbox's range of plans which is ideal for small businesses because these plans provide the greatest flexibility and the ability to scale to demand.