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Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive - Anyone?

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  • Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive - Anyone?

    Hi there,

    I use Dropbox on a daily basis for sharing files, etc. I'm curious: How many of you are using OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box for file sharing may be for personal use or at organization level?
    If you've decided on using one over the others, what was the major reason, what you did?

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    I worked in small environments where iPads became the "must have" craze. So, we had to use Dropbox for storing files as we didn't have the resources to store them onsite. Dropbox however used to fill quite quickly


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      I use DropBox (free) because I work with a number of partners who rely on it. I also have a paid subscription to SugarSynch that allows me to pick which folders to synch while eliminating the need to put everything under one location.


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        I use Google Drive (220GB paid) right now, ive used Dropbox at work and have phased people away from it. Drive is better for sharing and editing files imho. And its seemless between devices. $24 a year for 100GB is a steal too.

        My old job was google all the way between thousands of users and it was the best setup I have ever used. I hate the Microsoft environment, its so costly to keep everybody on the same release of software for storage, file editing etc.

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