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Hadoop or Cloud Computing?

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  • Hadoop or Cloud Computing?

    What is the difference between Hadoop or Cloud Computing? ​And which is more popular?

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    Hadoop is based on the methodology of Distributed computing. Hadoop is a platform which helps you in providing cloud computing services to your customers. It is a framework which uses simple programming models to process large data sets across the network of computers and is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, which offer local computation and storage individually.

    Cloud computing, on the other hand, involves a large number of computers which are usually connected through a real-time communication network. Cloud computing focuses on on-demand, scalable and adaptable service models. Hadoop on the other hand all about extracting value out of volume, variety, and velocity.

    Hadoop is an ‘ecosystem’ of open source software projects which allow cheap computing which is well distributed on industry-standard hardware. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is a model where processing and storage resources can be accessed from any location via the internet.