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Cryptocurrency - the Future of Money?

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  • Cryptocurrency - the Future of Money?

    We are on the way to a cashless future. Governments and central banks have no choice but to prepare for it. However, will going cashless give boost to the use of digital currency? Will cryptocurrency replace our fiat curreny in future?

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    Tokens from blockchain are definitely considered as a valued currency by organisation as and can replace our fiat currency because we are moving towards cashless future. Bitcoin shall remain the currecncy that will be used for long term investments (e.g. stocks) or would be traded to paypal on a regular basis using Ethereum.

    Banks may soon issue cryptocurrency that is based off on their own private blockchain and hold cryptocurrency values like how banks from different countries hold each others.

    There are endless possibilities however, i think that the next generation must and will employ blockchains. The age for trading value through fiat currencies is over.