Need net core hosting & opinions on various providers.!!

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    Need net core hosting & opinions on various providers.!!

    Hi everyone, first time publishing a webiste here.

    It's going to be a low traffic web application, done with core 3.1 razor pages, i've been testing locally for a while and i think i'm ready to go live.

    My main requirement is built-in domain with SSL, net core 3.1 and MSSQL support as it works best with entity framework, budget guess max 10€/mo but it's not really an issue, i'd like a good host that just workstm if you get what i mean. Whois privacy would be cool but not required.

    I'm currently considering the following: ionos, hostforlife and eukhost that i just found out from the sidebar. I'd like to go with the first cause it seems to have better pricing and their support is in italian which even if i don't have troubles with english is a nice plus.

    Thing is searching for reviews only eukhost seems like a good provider, various sites have a lot of complaints for the other two, but that could just a loud minority so i wanted to ask if anyone here has direct experiences. Also suggestions about other providers are welcome. Thank you
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