How to fix the error 504 gateway?

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    How to fix the error 504 gateway?

    Why do we get gateway errors?

    When a server receives a 504 (Gateway Timeout) status code when serving as a gateway or proxy; it means that the server did not promptly obtain a response from the server it needed to reach to fulfil the request. A transitory occurrence brought on by too much traffic to the server or website could explain the issue.


      How to fix the error?


        To fix this issue, follow the steps:

        1) Restoring the page is the most simple and common fix for the 504 error.

        2) You can try different browsers also.

        3) Flush DNS.

        4) Check Plugins, order usage, and CDNs.

        5) Test using different devices.


          The 504 (Gateway Timeout) status code denotes that the server, which was serving as a gateway or proxy, did not obtain a prompt response from the server it needed to visit to fulfil the request. Due to excessive traffic heading toward the server or website, the error might only be present shortly.


            504 gateway timeout means a network error amongst servers on the internet.​


              How to speed up a website that responds too slowly?


                The procedures are as follows to speed up a website that replies slowly:

                1. Ensure that you have an internet connection.

                2. Try using a different computer or device to view the website.

                3. Perform a speed test on the internet.

                4. Verify your server's resources.

                5. Dispose of the DNS cache.

                6. Delete temporary internet files and browser history.

                7. Try updating drivers or reinstalling your browser.