How to show status only few members?

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    How to show status only few members?

    How to show status only few members in whats app
    Last edited by Clara Smith; 19-05-2023, 06:47.

    To show your status only to a few members in WhatsApp, you can follow these steps:
    1. Open WhatsApp on your device.
    2. Navigate to the "Status" tab, usually located on the left side of the bottom menu.
    3. Tap on the "My status" button, which is typically positioned at the top of the screen or near the "+" icon.
    4. On the screen that appears, you'll see a list of all your contacts.
    5. Select the contacts you want to share your status with by tapping on their names. You can choose multiple contacts if you'd like.
    6. Once you have selected the desired contacts, tap on the "Send" or "Share" button (the specific wording may vary depending on your device).
    7. Your status will now be visible only to the members you selected, and it will not be visible to other contacts in your WhatsApp list.

    It's important to note that WhatsApp doesn't provide an option to hide your status from specific members while making it visible to others. The above method allows you to selectively share your status with certain contacts, but it doesn't allow you to hide it from specific individuals.