Top 6 Android Apps for Business

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    Top 6 Android Apps for Business

    1. Facebook Pages Manager
    Facebook Pages Manager allows the admin to manage the pages of facebook with ease. It allows them to move away from their laptops and desktops with the facility to upload the photos captured from their android phones. Giving the updates instantly about any event that takes places in the business. An effective tool to promote the business.

    2.TeamViewer for Remote Control
    Walking upto your desk will be boring sometimes, this boredom can be eliminated by a brilliant remote access application called TeamViewer. Easily support friends and family when they have computer problems - no matter where you are. You can also benefit from gaining access to your private home computer to edit documents or use particular software while you are on the road. Though the application is for private use, people often use it in their businesses.

    3.Google Drive
    The search engine giant facilitates their users to access their google drives using android. It synchronizes the files stored in the drive allow the users to eliminate the duplications of the files. Storing and access the files is easy and also it gives access to other user's drives. In short manage files on the go.

    4. Business Calender
    A perfect app to manage all the business activities. The Business Calender app features smooth scroll- and zoomable multi-day view (1-14 days) , graphical and textual presentation, month, agenda, day and event view, color-coded year view, quickly fade in/out calendars using the favorite bar, search function, configurable widgets in different sizes for month, week, agenda and day view (3 design themes for each widget type) easy switching between timeline bars and event titles in month view intuitive new handling option: just move your finger over some days of interest in month view to open them in the multi-day view quick day overview when adding a new event many options for recurrent events (e.g. to add a recurrent event that takes place every other week on Tuesday and Thursday) context-sensitive help system to optimize your work with Business Calendar

    5. SignEasy: Sign on the Go
    Electronic signature is a legal way to sign documents and enforce contracts. SignEasy helps you do it in a safe and secure manner conveniently.
    Supports almost any document format (PDF, Word, Excel, Text, HTML, JPEG/PNG/TIFF and more)
    Featuring the best of its kind : Sign yourself or get signatures from other people in person ,Draw signature and initials using the finger or stylus , Fill in text: name, initials, date and more , Customize using many ink colors, text style and international date formats,Import and save documents via Email, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and more.

    6.Advanced Task Killer
    Often the business professional use smartphone which allows them to do multi tasking but on the other hand the consumption of the battery is high. Also, it distributes the phone resources to different applications running on the phone which in turn can reduce the performance

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    Re: Top 6 Android Apps for Business

    Yes...these are really superb apps... for sharing this Hayden..!!!!!

    If you own a business, it is very important to have access to business documents anytime and from anywhere. And these apps surely will help you stay productive and organized in your business.