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Celebrating World Earth Day, the eUKhost way!

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  • Celebrating World Earth Day, the eUKhost way!

    World Earth Day, 22nd April every year signifies the anniversary of the beginning of modern environmental movement way back in 1970. Today is the 46th year of the movement which still endures to inspire, motivate people, and ignite passion to do something good for our planet which has always energized our lives in some way or the other.

    On 22nd April 1970, Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin started this movement after beholding the destruction of the massive spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969. And, thus around 20 million Americans took coast to coast rallies to validate for a healthy and sustainable environment. And this continues even today where every year festivals and parades are held on this day in at least 192 countries to support environmental protection. Non-profit Earth Day Network globally co-ordinates this movement which makes this day as the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than one billion people and a day which initiates a change in human behavior.

    Every individual should contribute to the environment and make this place a healthy and a sustainable place to live. eUKhost always believes in green technology and have contributed in this movement by
    • Creating 4 homes for woodland wildlife
    • Paid for 2 children to be closer to nature with a woodland discovery day.
    • Paid for 40 seedlings to help replant the forests of Tanzania
    • Paid 10 days salary of 2 Rhino Protection Unit rangers

    It starts from you. You can contribute to mark Earth Day by
    • Grow your own food (or buy locally-grown produce)
    • Go paperless
    • Plant a tree
    • Stop drinking bottled water
    • Begin carpooling (or start cycling)
    • Spend in a solar-powered phone charge

    If not the above ones, then join the movement, give to the cause and spread the word!! Letís start now and make big stuff happen from today itself. It is more than taking a stand and participating in a rally. We all meet because of environment, having mutual interest and it is the only thing we all share. So letís make a difference and give something in return to the environment as well. Donít think, start now and make this place a sustainable one for our future generations.

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    Re: Celebrating World Earth Day, the eUKhost way!

    I feel every individual should participate and contribute equally to this environment in some way or the other and make it a healthy and sustainable environment. Good contribution eUKhost!!


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      Re: Celebrating World Earth Day, the eUKhost way!

      Wonderful Post Priya, Loved it!!!
      Do let me know your feedback on it.

      Thank you....