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  • Music:

    Favourite Genre: Hip Hop / Rap

    Favourite Artist: Eminem / Mobb Deep

    Favourite Tune: Mobb Deep - Give up the goods

    Favourite Album: Eminem - Infinite


    What's yours?

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    Favourite Genre: Alternative Rock

    Favourite Artist: Blindside

    Favourite Tune: Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance

    Favourite Album: Underoath - They're only chasing Safety


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      Favourite Genre: Mostly Rock orientated.

      Favourite Artist: At the moment? Listening to a lot of Faith No More.

      Favourite Tune: Right now its "The Dutchess and the Proverbial Mindspread" by Primus

      Favourite Album: "King for a Day (fool for a lifetime)" - Faith No More (again, at the moment)

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        Favourite Genre: Drum & Bass

        Favourite Artist: A few Drum and Bass producers that aren't very well known :wink:

        Favourite Tune: At the moment : "Burning Sun" by Polska

        Favourite Album: Well, just found "Island Row" by Capitol K @ my local shop for 6 Euro, so I'll say that one, coz for that price it was a bargin!



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          My tasted fluctuate a lot from week to week. This is for this week.

          Favourite Genre: Rock of most kinds, not a fan of emo though... Or really screamy stuff.

          Favourite Artist: Prodigy (atm)

          Favourite Tune: Alkaline Trio - Maybe I'll catch fire.

          Favourite Album: Foo Fighters - Nothing left to lose.

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            Favourite Genre: Indie / Rock
            Favourite Artist: oasis / Ian Brown

            Favourite Tune: Stone Roses - I wanna be adored

            Favourite Album: oasis - Definately

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              Favourite Genre: Indie / Rock (but like allsorts)
              Favourite Artist: Lots - i am kloot / idlewild / tom mcrae .....
              Favourite Tune: At the moment Gong by Sigur Ros

              Favourite Album: At the moment All Maps Welcome by Tom Mcrae.

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                Favourite Genre: Rock - although i'm very open minded to any genre...

                Favourite Artist: SOAD

                Favourite Tune: RHCP - Scar Tissue

                Favourite Album: SOAD - Toxicity


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                  hate hip hop, rap, rnb and reggae.
                  anything else is sweet.


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                    Favourite Genre: Rock & Blues

                    Favourite Artist: Led Zep & Pink Floyd

                    Favourite Tune: You Shook Me

                    Favourite Album: Dark side of the Moon

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                      Favourite Genre: Rock n' roll & metal

                      Favourite Artist: Duran Duran

                      Favourite Tune : dance into the fire

                      Favourite Album: Dark side of the Moon


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                        Favourite Genre: Pop

                        Favourite Artists: Ronan Keating/BSB/Shania Twain.

                        Favourite Tune : When you say nothing at all....

                        Favourite Album: Nevergone
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                          Favourite Genre: Pop/ Rnb

                          Favourite Artist: Dunno to many to mention

                          Favourite Tune: Mobb Deep - At the moment...Stick with you pussy cat dolls

                          Favourite Album: Robbie williams greatest hits


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                            Favourite Genre: err, not sure really, like all sorts, dont go for a specific genre.

                            Favourite Artist: prodigy / moody blues / keane / kinks / kaiser chiefs, rem

                            Favourite Tune: the kinks : well respected man

                            Favourite Album: prodigy fat of the land

                            i do have a liking for good old irish rebel songs when i`m drunk


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                              Re: Music:

                              favorite band :The Neighbourhood
                              Favourite Genre: Rock