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What do you all do?

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  • What do you all do?

    As it's a new forum, I thought it would be kinda interesting to say hi and introduce myself in the hope that others will too:

    I'm Andrew, 20 and from Watford, UK. I'm a student at Lancater University reading for my BA in Music Technology.

    I do a little web design here and there, mainly php, with html/xhtml/css/other normal stuff. I also like MySQL Server databases for my website hostings.

    Current projects:
    chickencam (hosted at mychickencam.com by eukhost)
    camera analysis project - a University project which takes a live video feed from a bus stop on campus and synthesises music according to video analysis results of zones in the picture.
    dissertation - "A study on recording acoustic guitar for popular music".

    Music likes:
    I'm a violinist, clarinettist and also dabble with viola and piano.
    I like to listen to most music including rock, metal, popular, indie, dance (if it's mixed well and not badly compressed eurgh), classical, jazz, blues.


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    i think you said it alll buddy

    my names linda, i`m 35, single , just got back from me `op`, legs are still a bit hairy but the fellas dont seem to mind, as long as i cover me adams apple they`ll not notice after a few pints :wink:

    heh heh, i`m not gonna go into details, but


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      Watford eh?

      I'm not far at all, I'm in radlett mate.

      I'm nearly 20, a web-designer, but i also rap, rapidz.co.uk/bd , thats my rapping website hosting.


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        I'm Alex,

        I'm in Lancaster too, also reading Music Tech so Andrew is a familiar face (I referred him to EUKhost in the first place. You're welcome.).

        Music is pretty much my life, recording, writing and performing. I play Guitar, Bass, 'some drums' and I sing, as well as sequencing and programming.

        The two website hostings I have on EUK are band website hostings bluebloodonline.com and razorbladeoscilloscope.com the former is a rock band and the latter everything else.

        I actually live in Stratford on Avon in the Midlands which is a cool town although a ot of people who live there disagree.

        They're wrong.


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          Hello everyone...
          My names Tom Wright, 17, from Leicester, and I've been clean for nearly a week now...
          Oh wait, this isn't the support group.
          By the by I'm studying Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Biology A levels. I'm in my second year at Wreake Valley College in Leicester.
          I work at a restaurant and for a local computer shop.


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            I'm an Electronic Engineer, living and working in Ireland.

            I also run a Drum & Bass record label called Subtle Audio and that's the main reason I ended up on here as Eukhost are the hosts for my website hosting : subtleaudiorecordings.com

            I Dj around Ireland and sometimes abroad. Hoping to start producing some of my own 'music' ( :P ) aswell soon.

            I play Junior soccer for a local team in Limerick where I live... and that's about it!


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              Names brian, originaly from Dublin ireland, but now living in New Mexico.

              I am just a voluntary moderator here, I do not speak for eUKhost officially!


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                Good Morning.

                Well this is all very nice.

                You may have guessed the name's Dave (21) and I study Comp Sci in Leicester.

                I am intrigued about the hairy legs


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                  I wouldnt dig deeper if i where you man, dosent sound like a family story :P

                  I am just a voluntary moderator here, I do not speak for eUKhost officially!


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                    Definitely not one for the kids.
                    But hey, who are we to judge?


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                      Im not judging, im just scared

                      I am just a voluntary moderator here, I do not speak for eUKhost officially!


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                        Hey everyone,

                        The name is James, 24 From Luton - Currently a mature student studying Computing and a CCNA... happy dayz!

                        Always up for a bit of banter about anything and everything.


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                          Forgot tomention im a Tourism Director / Filim Liason / IT Admin / Brewmaster

                          I am just a voluntary moderator here, I do not speak for eUKhost officially!


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                            My name is Lee and I am 23, currently doing computer studies at Wolverhampton university.

                            I hope to do a Masters in Web related course at teesside uni next year.

                            I work freelance for a local established web design company.
                            I had a few website hostings and did a few in summer so I got a reseller account.
                            Too busy to do any at the moment though.

                            I like to use some of my space to test things and mess, also put some stuff up for university on there.

                            I do mainly PHP/MySQL. Learning more on XHTML and CSS lately.
                            Getting big into standards and accessibility.

                            Music likes:
                            Mainly Indie, it rocks

                            My dissertation - "Build an online tool in PHP and MySQL that assesses a website hosting's accessibility as a whole, with a supporting information base; Research: Accessibility tools, standards, laws and future directions."

                            It was a push for amount of characters allowed on the form


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                              Hello everyone,

                              My name is Ivor, I am 51 and live in Plymouth.
                              I had a glazing business for 10 years and a computer business for 10 years.
                              Been married twice, 10 years and 20 years, and have some great kids.
                              I have a private hire taxi licience but never go to work, unless I want to meet any new nice ladies.
                              I actually make my living at the mo from gambling. I bet on dogs in the morning and gg's in the afternoon.
                              At the moment I have a 20 year old girlfriend and that really keeps me on my toes and keeps me young. I actually went cherry knocking the other night. LOL
                              I love blues and rock music and having lived in Manchester for a couple of years when young, I have seen a lot of the old great bands. Led Zep, Deep Purple, Elp, Yes, and many many more.
                              I have a couple of website hostings which I built with MS Publisher but I haven't a clue about any of the stuff that you guy's talk about. What the hell is MySQL Server etc. Hopefully I'll learn some of that from here.
                              I have a million more things to say and a million stories to tell but I'll leave that till we all meet up at the pub. LOL
                              Good luck.