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    Indian Businesses |Get Free Websites Free Domain Free Hosting | Courtesy Google India

    India, Get Your Business Online | 500,000 Indian Small Enterprises To Get Free Business Websites, including free website, free domain name, and free hosting | Courtesy Google India

    This is exciting NEWS for the Indian small and medium scale businesses! About 500,000 Indian Businesses will get a free websites along with a free domain and free hosting, courtesy Google India!

    To help the small-scale and medium-scale businesses (SMBs) in India launch their businesses on the internet, the online search and marketing giant, Google, has set in motion an initiative to offer free website on Nov 03, 2011, their domain and hosting services to 500,000 small and medium businesses over the next 3 years.

    'India, Get Your Business Online'

    By doing so, Google is helping the vast numbers of Indian businesses to get on the internet and introduce and expand their businesses in India as well as in the world. Google will help all these businesses, the vast majority of those businesses never had their business identity on the internet before.

    These Indian SMBs will receive online business tools in addition to the above resources to build their business website from Google, that alone is an important advantage of using Google's Technological Excellence in the online field!

    Through this kind of incentive, Google intends to present 500,000 SMBs to getting their business on the internet within the next three years.

    To be continued...


    To receive the free domain with a (dot)in extension , register on indiagetonline(dot)in and select your business domain name. The business will also have to provide their PAN number, for example, for identification purpose. Other identification documents can be the company's tax deduction account number.

    The free website and domain names are for the first year, and then the businesses can continue by paying a nominal fee. Overall, this is quite exciting NEWS for all those Indian brick-and-mortar (offline, street-side) businesses which never had such an opportunity to get their own online business! The management of the website will be done free for the 1st year by Google using its toll-free call centers!

    These small and medium businesses always held back creating an online business presence (their business website) thinking how difficult it is to manage such a complex online business website and how time-consuming it would be!

    But now, with this great assistance from Google and the numbers of businesses that would create online presence, it's natural that there would be thousands of online marketers who would also create much affordable online services, -- like creating affordable, suitable & professional hosting packages, -- to help these new and old online businesses prosper.

    Of course, these businesses will need more pro and expert web services in future as Google cannot possibly find time to create more specialized services -- the opening is created, now the immediate and long-term future looks very bright for all the creative marketers!

    The growth of the online businesses in India would mean an equal opportunity for all the designers, marketers, web hosts -- Yes, this will create huge opportunities for "clever web hosting services" as more businesses online would mean boundless opportunities for exclusive and very specialized web hosting opportunities for web hosts!

    A huge segment of the world's fastest growing markets, India, will open up its very prosperous doors very fast to the entire world if Google's grand initiative becomes a Booming Success! Amen!

    In any event, I believe this is really an exciting NEWS for all concerned, especially for the Indian small and medium business enterprises! God Bless!


      Businesses in India, sign up for the free account by providing them your PAN number. Good Luck & Great Success for your upcoming online business!

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        Thats really good news for India.

        India has so much to offer, and this will give many businesses in India the boost they need.