Android 4.0 | Super Smartphone | Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Holiday Shopping

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    Android 4.0 | Super Smartphone | Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Holiday Shopping

    Android 4.0 | Super Smartphone | Samsung Galaxy Nexus | Holiday Shopping

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus:
    A Chrismas Gift for you and your family member, or even for a very dear friend?

    The holiday shopping season is approaching fast. This holiday season, together with the Apple iPhones and iPads, it will probably be the Android mobile phones, specially the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, will be in great demand all over the world! The UK launch date for Samsung Galaxy Nexus is November 17, 2011. Hopefully, the Holiday season purchase will begin that day, especially in the UK!

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus: A Pocket-size Technoligical Marvel!

    In a matter of 1 year of getting into the mobile smartphones sector, Samsung has arrived quite a long distance -- Samsung has now taken a lead within the global smartphones market. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a super Android smartphone and Android has just introduced it's Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwitch), which is available in this wonderful smartphone!

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with its remarkable features is probably going to become the world's most popular Android mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is powered by the latest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwitch), it is truly super fast, and comes with innovative and impressive specifications.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is a super smartphone, will be the focus of holiday season's joyful buyers this year along with the Apple iPhone!

    To be continued:
    Exciting specifications of the latest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwitch) based Super Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus...

    Android is still quite fragmented because of no clear coherency with smartphones with Android being open source. What I mean by this is some apps are not compatible on some Android phones perhaps because of the camera, the screen size, the resolution, what have you. Although I think Android is great for customisability and "freedom"; in a way, that you compromise for Apple's tight developer guidelines and rules to provide good customer experiences, I do think Google should of made Android free, but not open source, and only license it to manufacturer's that agree to hardware guidelines like Microsoft has with their Windows Phone product to prevent fragmentation. The issue still occurs today, though has improved nonetheless.