FAQ's About Wireless Broadband and Routers

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    FAQ's About Wireless Broadband and Routers

    Which wireless router do i use if i already have a ADSL modem provided by my ISP?

    The best option is to replace the Existing modem provided by your ISP with a combined wireless router/modem. The reason for the same is that it will difficult to find a wireless router compatible with your ADSL Modem.

    What is NAS and which Routers can I connect NAS?

    NAS is Network Attached Storage. In NAS a Hard Disk is set up with its own network Address, its not attached to directly to any computer which is running applications or files for any Network User. It helps is serving applications and files faster than the conventional way as they are not using the same processor resources.

    NAS is attached to a LAN or local Area Network and assigned an IP address.

    NAS includes of hard disk storage which has multi-disk RAID systems and a software for configuring & mapping file locations to the network attached device

    Also NAS can be made into a more sophisticated storage system called as Storage Area Network or SAN

    Routers which are compatible with and fast at quick and speedy Data Transfer across networks.\

    Linksys WRT350N and WRT610N

    Linksys WRT350N

    What hardware do i need to connect Two Wireless PC's and a Wireless Laptop to my Broadband Wirelessly?

    What you need is a 4 port Wireless Router, this way your can connect the PC's via Ethernet and the Laptop Wirelessly . If you need your PC's to also connect Wirelessly you need USB adapters or PCI cards on your PC's.

    What I can recommend is the the Netgear DG834N and for USB adapters Netgear WN111 Wireless-N USB adapter.

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    Keep away from the Belkin N1 routers. Mine cuts out the bloody G signal all the time, so annoying!


      How can I extend the Range of my Wireless Router?

      There are two ways you can extend the range of your Wireless Router:

      1) Wall-Plugged Range Extender Kit: It uses Powerline technology to give you wireless access through your electricals.

      2) Also you can upgrade your Firmware and enable the WDS Wireless Distribution System. WDS allows you to mesh Wireless routers and access points to cover your Area.

      Netgear WGXB102 Wall-Plugged Wireless range extender kit

      Why does my WI-Fi card Turn Off after I Turn unplug my Laptop from the mains?

      This due to the Power settings on your Laptop, which are there to maintain your Battery Power. It turns of certain Applications when Laptop is on the Mobile Mode.

      To Avoid this from Happening Go to your Laptop power settings and disable
      the turning off of the card slot when mobile.
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        How to connect Console to Broadband and How to connect Console using USB modem

        How to connect Game Console(Xbox 360 Playatsion 3 Wii) to Internet Using USB Modem?

        Actually there are a lot Screen shots for the same if you need more help please Click Here.

        I think this Link would be more helpful.

        How to connect My Game Consoles using Wi-Fi to Internet?

        For this you need wireless router with integrated modem, The router would establish the connection wirelessly to your console. and you can connect your PC to your router using Ethernet cable or USB adapter.

        However if you want to use your USB modem (such as Speedtouch 330 by Tiscali and Toucan)to connect your Console (such as a Wii, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 with wireless adapter) you need a wireless adapter on your PC to create an Ad-Hoc type Connection. The only downside of this method is that you would need your PC to be switched on for you to connect.

        So the first method is always advisable.

        Speedtouch 330

        Nintendo Wii

        Sony Playstation 3

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          What is the MTU setting for UK broadband?

          As a high Percentage of Broadband in UK is provided via BT lines The MTU setting should be 1458.

          You can easily change the setting through your Router Configuration page.

          How do i Watch the Premier League on My PC or Laptop?

          The best way to do that is to get one these

          Terratec Cinergy 2400i DT

          Terratec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS Digital TV + FM Radio

          The Terratec Works BEst with Laptops and the PCI express Cards work Best with PC's
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            Nice thread!

            I prefer the Hauppauge TV tuners as I have found they work best here in the UK. I use one on my PC, and I find it works better than any others I have tried.

            Also, you might want a more upto date picture of the PS3


              How do i connect My PDA to my Broadband?

              Yeah its possible to do the same all you need is a Bluetooth Access Point for e.g D-link DBT-900AP. It will plug into the spare Ethernet port on the Router. Also you don't need your PC to be switched on for the same.

              D-link DBT-900AP Bluetooth Access Point

              Difference between 3G Data Card and a Wireless Networking Adapter?

              A 3G Data card will connect to your Laptop and is a PCMCIA Card. It enables you to connect to 3G mobile Phones / Data Network.

              A Wireless Networking Adapter enables you to connect to a Wireless Network within the Range (Your Broadband Connection)

              The benefits of 3G Data Card is that it enables connectivity in large parts of UK. Also it enables you to Switch over to GPRS where ever yo don't find 3G coverage. This is not possible with Wireless Networking Adapter as you have to near a Hotspot or local access point. Not helpful if you are on the move.

              The only benefit of the Wireless Networking Adapter over 3G Data Card is that the Speed available with the WNA is more than 3G Data Card. Also the cost of 3G Data Card is more.(cost of the card, monthly fees and bandwidth costs)

              Wireless Networking Adapter 2Mbps to 54Mbps (limited to availability)
              3G Data Card 384Kbps

              Orange 3G Data Card

              Vodafone 3G Data Card
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                Wardriving, Warbiking, Warwalking and Warkiting

                Wardriving; named after the wardriving term used in the 1983 film Wargames.

                Basically its searching for a unsecured wireless network on the move (moving vehicle) using a PDA or Laptop.

                There are various software's available for the same for e.g NetStumbler for Windows, Kismet or SWScanner for Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFly BSD, and Solaris, and KisMac for Macintosh.

                Warbiking; It same as wardriving but here the mode of transport is moving bicycle or motorcycle.

                Warwalking; here its done while you are on foot rather than on a moving vehicle.

                Warkiting; it a combination of wardriving and rootkitting. In warkitting the hacker chnages the firmware of the hacked routerand controls the complete traffic of the victim.

                I think all the above are used for unethical purpose; the latest was used by terrorist in India during the recent serial bombings.
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                  Very informative article, I would like suggestion what would be best for me if I use VOIP, I rather considered to use separate Linksys PAP2 for my VOIP needs, and let the current router do the routing as it is.


                    I would suggest you to use the LInksys WRT54GP2-NA or the D-link DVG-1120.

                    THe configuration for the DVG-1120 is as follows:

                    Asterisk mgcp.conf settings (1120M)

                    [000abcdef12] ; device's mac address
                    host = dynamic
                    context = from inside
                    canreinvite = no
                    threewaycalling = yes
                    transfer = no
                    callwaiting = yes
                    callerid="Line 2" <14165551213>
                    line => aaln/2
                    context = from-inside
                    threewaycalling = yes
                    transfer = no
                    callwaiting = yes
                    callerid="Line 1" <14165551212>
                    line => aaln/1
                    line => *

                    Asterisk sip.conf Settings


                    Note: The CID name inside quotes on "caller id" must correspond to the "display name" field on the VoIP router's page below.

                    Hope this helps
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                      &quot;Limited or No Connectivity&quot;

                      Limited or No connectivity:

                      One of the reasons for that to happen is:

                      You get this message after you have installed Windows Xp service pack 2, this will not let you access the internet or some network resources.

                      There are many solutions for the same, and most of them just bullshit you and ask you to turn off this notification. But its only good if if its a false message, but if the system has really lost LAN connectivity or if it is unstable then you are in trouble.

                      Also does not help you to go and ask your ISP for the same, believe i have worked for them and they will give you all the crap in the world. So this would help them as well.

                      It is due to a bug in the Service pack 2 of windows xp

                      One solution is patching for this bug,or you may have to reinstall your firewall,rebuild the configuration of your router,drop the connection speed of you connection from 100 Mbps to 10 Mbps,or in case of a network assign a dedicated IP to your computer in the network.

                      Symptoms that your system is affected by this bug:

                      1) After installing Windows service pack 2 your network starts reporting "Limited or No Connectivity".

                      2) You are not able to connect to the internet or your LAN after installing Windows service pack 2.

                      3) Your network gets stuck while "Acquiring IP Address"


                      Download the patch you can download a zip file with the patch, registry file, and instructions by clicking here.

                      Run the patch and install it.

                      Run this short Registry fix to complete the update. Type the following lines in Notepad and save the file as FixReg.reg on your desktop, then double click on it to install into your registry.

                      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

                      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\IPSec]
                      "AssumeUDPEncapsulationContextOnSendRule"=dword:00 000002

                      Reboot the PC

                      If the error message pops up again, reboot you PC first.

                      If you want to disable the message after the problem is fixed:

                      Open Control panel >>> Open Network Connections and Right Click on the Local Area Connection and click on Properties >>> Uncheck the following option on the General Tab >>> "Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity"

                      Again if running the patch does not resolve the issue:

                      1) Your network or your Router may have some error on it. Power recycle the router or reconfigure your router.

                      2) Check the cabling for your router, straight-through CAT 5 or possibly a crossover cable and try another cable.

                      3) check your Network card and make sure its configured properly. Try and change the settings for the network card to 10Mbps/full Duplex to solve the issue. To do this open Control panel >>> Device Manager >>> properties of the Network card >>> click on the Advanced tab >>> find the Link Speed and Duplex section >>> Change from Auto Detect to 10Mbps/Full Duplex.

                      4) Check your firewall, especially if its Zone alarm, Black Ice, Nortan Firewall. Disable your firewall and test your connection. You may also have to uninstall and reinstall your firewall.

                      5) Reset your TCP/IP stack by downloading and running WinsockXPFix.exe a Visual Basic program designed to fix corrupted TCP/IP issues, host file problems and a variety of other connectivity issues.

                      What will the Winsocfix Utility Do for your PC:
                      Detect your current Operating System
                      Release the IP address, taking you "Offline"
                      Reset the TCP stack using Netsh.exe (Windows XP only)
                      Delete the current Registry TCP and Winsock Values
                      Import new "Working" Registry Values
                      Backup any Current "Hosts" file
                      Replace the "Hosts" file with a default one
                      Reboot the Computer

                      6) If connecting to your network using Wi-Fi and using wireless security, your WEP or other security key may not be set properly. Check the wireless security configuration on your computer's network adapter and update if it necessary.

                      7) If using a broadband router and DHCP on your network, check your computer's IP address to verify it is valid and not a private address that starts with 169.254. An invalid address of the form 169.254.x.x signifies your computer's inability to obtain a usable IP address from your router.

                      Hope this helps, and if you need any further help just update the post for me
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                        Thanks for the detail and configuration advice, however I've to check some of the issues with my service providers and as well as the configuration and network architecture. Can you suggest me any performance-based model website that provide user review too in the line of VOIP/ Wireless related products and services?



                          For UK if you need updates about companies that provide you Voip services try the following link:

                          HTML Code:
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                            Great resources, I think it has world wide list, thank you again for your valuable contribution.


                              Any further Help that is required let me know will try and update it for you guys

                              Also Coming up next How can you use your PDA as a Wireless HUB and no need to search for a Wi-Fi hotspot.
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