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Google's Big Step in Fighting Troll - The Perspective API

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  • Google's Big Step in Fighting Troll - The Perspective API

    Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and other popular sites are figuring out a way to fight trolling. So, Google gave a thought on this and took a big step with the release of it's Perspective API.

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    I heard that Perspective API is created by Jigsaw and Google’s Counter Abuse Technology and is especially for publishers that continuously deal with the onslaught of horrible trolls.


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      The tool tracks the real time conversations in a forum and assigns comments which is a score related to the toxicity of each comment.


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        Perspective API detects the abusive words and phrases in a sentence with the help of machine learning. After identifying the stupid language, the technology automatically deletes those words.


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          I also heard that with The Perspective API developers will be able to access the toxicity test with automated code that will provide answers quickly enough that publishers can integrate it into their website to show toxicity ratings to commenters even as they’re typing.


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            For more information, you can go to the API's website where some interactive tools will guide you. One tool displays dozens of comments on three topics. Using a slider tool, you can see how certain comments were filtered by toxicity. Slide all the way to the left and you get only the least "toxic" comments. Slide to the right, and you get everything, including the most "toxic" comments.