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How to bypass login screen of Windows machine?

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  • How to bypass login screen of Windows machine?

    I set up a local server on my Dell laptop and unfortunately I forgot the password after changing it a few days ago. Tech guru, please suggest me a way to unlock the laptop.

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    You can try to recover loss password


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      Originally posted by Qaksderty View Post
      You can try to recover loss Dell laptop password with this guide
      Not much use , the lost login password can not be recovered ,
      Do you have other account on your dell laptop . if yes , you can login into them on your laptop to deleted the old password ,
      If not , only way that you need to bypass password to access laptop , if it succeeds , you can set up a new password ,
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        You can reset password on Windows with the software, such as the Windows Password Key or the Ophcrack. Both of them are good tool to reset Windows password.


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          Ophcrack is a good option,but this year I heard a lot of bad comments about it,it didn't help on the latest Windows 10 computers. as i tried.
          Best alternative:
          Best free tool:
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