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  • Best Password Manager

    What Password Manager do you use?

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    Following are some of the best password management tools you can use -

    1. LastPass - Free, secure login storage and generation. One of the best tools to use
    2. Dashlane - Excellent password security for all web browsers and devices
    3. RoboForm - One of the most reliable password manager with free mobile apps
    4. KeePass Password Safe - An open source password manager with regular updates to beef up security


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      Here are some of the best password managers-
      1. Automatic Password Capture
      2. Automatic Password Replay
      3. Fill Web Forms
      4. Multiple Form-Filling Identities
      5. Browser Menu Of Logins
      6. Application Passwords
      7. Secure Sharing
      8. Digital Legacy


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        LastPass password manager is something that will be loved by all. It is really quick to create unique, complex passwords. You can capture and manage login credentials as well as sync them across multiple devices. It also allows to share them with others you trust.

        The unique password auditing and updating features lets you identify and eliminate weak or duplicate passwords with just a mouse click. You can store credit card numbers and other personal data to autofill web forms when youíre making a purchase, signing up for a service, or paying a bill.


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          I am using Dashlane 4 Password Manager

          It has the best UX and supports PC, Mac, Android, iOS. It includes two-factor authentication including FIDO U2F. Actionable password strength rating, Automated password change for 500 sites, Secure sharing, Digital legacy, Advanced form-filling are some of its Pros.
          In addition to Dashlane 4's usability, it fully supports seven languages and can automatically change passwords on 500 websites. This very capable password manager that earns a rare five stars on most of the review sites