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Battle Against Ransomware with Tape Backup

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  • Battle Against Ransomware with Tape Backup

    In the ongoing battle against ransomware, savvy organizations are turning to an older technology: Tape backup. Is it actually fruitful to go retro with tape backup as a vital element of your overall data management and protection strategy?

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    Prevention is always better than cure, but it cannot be guranteed that prevention will work in every situation. So, it is wise to be prepared. Every organization should be prepared to deal with ransomware and Tape Backup is all about prepration. So, enusure that you have a separate, offline, reliable and recent copy of your data that cannot be infected by the attack and help you recover from a ransomware attack.

    As per techtarget, using tape backup as part of an overall data management strategy lets you follow the widely known 3-2-1 rule, which is:

    Keep 3 separate copies of your data.
    Your data must be stored on atleast 2 different types of storage media.
    At the end, manintain 1 copy of your data in an off-site location.
    Tape backup is also the most cost-effective solution as compared to the disk or cloud storage. It is simple to use, highly secure and convenient to access. You stay assured that you have a separate copy of your data in an offline location.