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R1Soft Vs Dropbox or Google Drive

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  • R1Soft Vs Dropbox or Google Drive


    Wanted to know the exact difference between R1Soft and Dropbox / Google Drive. As per my research both offer backup and storage facility. Also, Dropbox is free whereas R1Soft is a paid service. I need a solution for storage and backup of my data. Your Thoughts?

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    The major difference between R1soft and Dropbox is that the former is a online backup service whereas the later is a storage and sync Service.

    Online backup services back up the important files, encrypt them for security, and send it on the cloud. (Cloud is a powerful, secure, and high-storage-capacity remote server computers which are connected with the internet.) So, once the files are stored on the servers, your data can be accessed or restored from anywhere.

    Dropbox, Google Drive etc, are cloud storage and syncing services that store files in the cloud. However, they cannot automatically protect all important documents and media files. They can just sync one folder with all its sub folders to the cloud and in some cases offer online collaboration. There are many backup services that offer such syncing capabilities, however, only a few syncing services offer full-scale backup functionality.


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      Ive only used dropbox and google drive. I have a lot of documents that I put on my drive just to save a copy in case something bad happens. Ive never tried R1soft but it does look interesting. I might consider their services if it provides a full-scale backup functionality.