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MultiCloud and Hybrid Cloud

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  • MultiCloud and Hybrid Cloud

    After private, public, hybrid and yes, even community cloud, now a new term multi-cloud is used recently. Multicloud - Is it more than a new name for hybrid cloud or yet another piece of tech jargon or is it a strategy with actual merit? Your thoughts...

    I would appreciate if someone clears the difference between MultiCloud and Hybrid Cloud

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    Multi-cloud actually sounds to be a good a good technology for businesses that allows hedging, spreading workloads across several cloud environments. However, will such distribution won't pose any challenges? Is multi-cloud actually secure?


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      Every technology has some or the other drawback when it comes to security. What matters is the necessary measures that are taken to keep it secure. In multi-cloud, decreased visibility, increased access to network resources and stored data across distributed environments may cause some loopholes resulting in security issues. Therefore, in order to have an effective multi-cloud security, one must have an integrated multi-cloud environment which is dynamic & flexible and the one that offers clear visibility and communication across platforms. Lastly, there must be segmentation in the cloud-security controls. Customers should have the ability to stretch their own security policies into their cloud environments.


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        Hybrid cloud is a deployment strategy. It is used to accomplish a single task. The data moves between the on-premise cloud and the public cloud. However, the data remains with the same workload.

        Multi-cloud is a cloud management strategy. Several providers are employed to accomplish multiple task as a collaboration between different departments or solely by a single department.

        You can also include a hybrid cloud as a component in the multi-cloud. However, a hybrid cloud solution cannot always be a multi-cloud one.