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Cloud Computing vs Outsourcing

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  • Cloud Computing vs Outsourcing

    What is the difference between cloud computing and outsourcing?

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    Outsourcing has been one of the most popular method since long for companies that wanted to simplify their problem of inadequate IT resources. However, today, cloud is offering the same, but it is still a young technology. Moreover, cloud uses automation of a process rather than just shifting the process to an outsourcer. For detailed differences between IT outsourcing and Cloud Computing you can refer - Cloud Computing vs Traditional Outsourcing Key Differences


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      Both of these deal with uploading business data to the Internet, or the “cloud”, though in different methods. In cloud outsourcing, a third party will be the one to monitor, keep, and handle the uploaded data for you, serving as an extension of your business. This lessens your trouble when it comes to building an in-house IT team, which can be quite expensive and needs an effort to manage.

      On the other hand, cloud computing refers to uploading data to the Internet for the purpose of improving software performance. This reduces the need for installations and upgrades, as well as lessen downtimes and maintenance. I’ve been availing of cloud computing services from this Nottingham IT company since last month, and it changed our business operations dramatically. But personally, I think this is still a form of outsourcing, though with a different method only.