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  • Web Application & SaaS Application

    What is the difference between a Web Application and a SaaS Application?

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    A Web application is any application that is accessible via a Web browser (either on Internet or on a Intranet). A web app is devoid of the properties of a SaaS application due to its 'Web nature'.

    You can think of SaaS ( SaaS is Software as a Service) application as a business service that can scale as per user demand and is pay per use model. A SaaS application is immediately available after you sign in via Web or Mobile. Once you have a SaaS app all your work is stored on cloud,. It can be downloaded and accessible to you via web on any device that supports it.


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      Software as a Service is a method of delivering applications over the internet. Instead of manually installing and maintaining software, the software is accessed through a front-end client, freeing users from complex software and hardware management. Usually, a subscription fee is paid in order to use the service. Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Dropbox are some examples of SaaS. A web application or web app is software stored on a remote server and accessed exclusively through a web browser. Common web applications include webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, wikis, instant messaging services, and other similar apps same as mobile development that doing


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        Oh sorry, that out of date a bit