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Multitenancy in the Cloud

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  • Multitenancy in the Cloud

    Is Multi-tenancy the same as multi-user or multi-enterprise? and is multitenancy is a prerequisite for cloud computing?

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    It is a common myth that multi-tenancy is the same as multi-user or multi-enterprise

    Multi-enterprise describes a business process whereby enterprises participate in a collaborative activity and focus on complex relationships or business processes. Multi-enterprise is generally more collaborative. You have a shared objective, risk, reward, and/or shared investment. Multi-enterprise application could be deployed for single or multi-tenancy.

    Multi-tenancy is a vendor oriented term describing how a solution is managed. Multitenancy may support enterprise or multi-enterprise business processes and is designed to reduce costs (for instance, cost to the vendor) and complexities.


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      Multitenancy in the cloud is nothing but a computing architecture that where a user can share their data through public and private both cloud system and store their data in the shared mannered on the cloud computing. But the security of the data is accurate as the data cannot be seen by anyone and it remains hidden.
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        Many public cloud offerings are multi-tenant. i.e multiple customers share one instance of software. But sharing users are prevented from accessing each otherís information. Along with this data security other common characteristics of multi-tenant applications include - Usage Isolation, Backup and Recovery, Application Upgrade, Scalability, Metered Usage and so on.