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Multitenancy in the Cloud

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  • Multitenancy in the Cloud

    Is Multi-tenancy the same as multi-user or multi-enterprise? and is multitenancy is a prerequisite for cloud computing?

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    It is a common myth that multi-tenancy is the same as multi-user or multi-enterprise

    Multi-enterprise describes a business process whereby enterprises participate in a collaborative activity and focus on complex relationships or business processes. Multi-enterprise is generally more collaborative. You have a shared objective, risk, reward, and/or shared investment. Multi-enterprise application could be deployed for single or multi-tenancy.

    Multi-tenancy is a vendor oriented term describing how a solution is managed. Multitenancy may support enterprise or multi-enterprise business processes and is designed to reduce costs (for instance, cost to the vendor) and complexities.


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      Many public cloud offerings are multi-tenant. i.e multiple customers share one instance of software. But sharing users are prevented from accessing each otherís information. Along with this data security other common characteristics of multi-tenant applications include - Usage Isolation, Backup and Recovery, Application Upgrade, Scalability, Metered Usage and so on.