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Data Lake or Data Warehouse

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  • Data Lake or Data Warehouse

    What is the difference between Data Lake and Data Warehouse? Which is the best tool to use?

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    If you are involved in working with Big Data, you will know the importance of finding storage solutions for volumious data that is generated every second. So, when it comes to managing data - Data Warehouse or Data Lake is considered as data repository. Many people make the mistake of thinking data lake as 2.0 version of a data warehouse. While they are similar, they both are different tools which are used for different purposes.

    Data lakes retain all data—structured, semi-structured and unstructured/raw data. It may happen that the data in a data lake will never be used at all. A data warehouse on the other hand includes data that is structured and that which will be used for reporting or business purposes. Further, the security of data warehouse is more mature than that of data lake.


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      Data Lake is for the users who are indulged in deep analysis like data scientists who need advanced analytical tools like predictive modeling and statistical analysis.

      As Data Warehouse presents well structured, easy to use and understand data. It is of great use to operational users.