iPhone running on Andriod!!

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    iPhone running on Andriod!!

    A Brazilian electronics manufacturing company IGB Eletronica SA recently announced an iphone powered by Android OS (under its Gradiente brand).

    The company said that it would sell the iPhone in Brazil where they would be manufactured and marketed under the brand name iPhone neo one.

    The device does not look very similar to the Apples flagship counterpart but its name is similar to the popular smartphone by Apple inc.

    The catch here is that even though the smartphone which is deemed as iPhone has nothing in common to the original device except for its name. If you are thinking that this would call for another Apple Patent war then you might want to know that the Brazilian company had applied for the rights to use the iPhone trademark way back in 2000 even before the Apple smartphone was conceived. Steve jobs only came up with the iPhone in 2007.

    Thus, the company insists that it has exclusive local rights to sell a handset under the iPhone branding. And in 2008, the company even secured rights to the name from a local regulator of patents.

    The so called iPhone is not at all an iPhone in terms of specs. The touchscreen has a 3.7 inch display and 5 mp camera. The phone runs on Android 2.3.4 and is dual sim phone.

    So, atleast for Brazilians owning an iPhone(name) with android could be a reality.