Benefits and Disadvantages of Twitter

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    Benefits and Disadvantages of Twitter

    Benefits of Twitter

    It is, in general, a simple tool once you overcome the first impression;
    Constantly dynamic, not only by the replies, but even by RT Trending Topics;
    It has a multiplicity of applications that enable its expansion;
    It is, in itself, a catchy name with a much more catchy logo;
    Relatively editable, allowing customization to suit the user. More editing, more comfort

    Disadvantages of Twitter

    It became popular very quickly, leading to a depletion of content (which was innate but are enhanced);
    Twitter leads to less and write more abreviemos to reach the 140 characters;
    Breeding ground for spammers, which usually come in English (and bad factory);
    The default language is English tweet, users having Spanish-speaking;
    Lack of tools to include the common user to this new system.