App to get a Remote Access to your Mobile Phone

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    App to get a Remote Access to your Mobile Phone

    App to get a Remote Access to your Mobile Phone

    One of the IT company has came with a new application which will help us to access our mobiles phones remotely, named as "PhoneAway".

    Users can acess contents in their phone from another mobile phone or PC. And the good thing for tech-savvy people is that "PhoneAway " Application is available freely on Google Play (, from where they can simply download and use it.

    As per said by the Chief innovation officer, Livares Technologies PhoneAway is an utility app available now in Android platform and it offers a simple yet feature-rich experience for users to access their phones remotely. The attractive feature of this app is that, it keeps you in touch with your phone even if it's not in your hands.

    Steps to use PhoneAway:

    • Install the PhoneAway Apps in the user's Smartphone.
    • Register an alternative mobile number in the application.
    • This will help to get a details from the original phone.
    • One can also use the Email or SMS or Both to facilitate the communication between the devices.
    • After installation this application will run in the background on your smartphone.
    • Set a specific SMS command or set a specific number of missed calls to the phone, so that you can start controlling your mobile phone remotely.
    • Give a user-defined passcode for authentication.
    • Finally the application will activate and automatically internet connectivity will be switched on to facilitate the communication.

    Main Features of PhoneAway :

    • Users can perform a host of operations using the application.
    • Users can fetch the phone's call log remotely to their email address or by text message to alternate mobile phone. This is one of the Key feature of PhoneAway.
    • In addition to this, users can also search and find contacts stored in the phone.
    • The 'Remote-ringer' capability allow the user to locate his misplaced phone also make the phone ring even if it is in silent mode.
    • One of the major feature of PhoneAway is to identify the exact location of the remote phone using the GPS in it and send this location information to the user. This plays the major role to locate the phone when it is lost.

    Thank you .....