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ProtonMail- NSA proof free email service

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  • ProtonMail- NSA proof free email service

    New Switzerland based email service launched by MIT students with IT scientists at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research).
    ProtonMail is said to be hack proof & NSA proof email service. We have couple of reasons to believe that.

    1. Legal- Protected legally by Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance ACT which is one of the strongest privacy protection act in world.

    2.Two Decryption Passwords- One is to login & another is to read email. That means even ProtonMail DC admins also can not read your emails (unlike GMAIL). They also encrypt their physical disks at DC level to nullify full system compromise.

    3. End To End Encryption- We have seen MITM is now performed at regular basis. To overcome this, emails will be decrypted at your browser directly. So even at a case of MITM, hacker can only capture 'encrypted' packets. Most secured AES, RSA, along with OpenPGP used for encryption.

    4. No Tracking- ProtonMail don't track you, don't ask your name, don't log your login information or any other activity. It is free for basic use. For premium services they even accept bitcoin for to keep maximum anonymity.

    5.Self Destructing Emails- After specified time limit, emails will get deleted from recipients inbox.

    Although it is in beta stage right now, it shows strong potential to be a true successor of Lavabit.

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    Re: ProtonMail- NSA proof free email service

    This seems to the kind of thing people need nowadays. With so much hacking going on the companies themselves peeking into user data and using it for their benefit. It is high time such services became mainstream.


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      Re: ProtonMail- NSA proof free email service

      Yes, people across the world is looking for an NSA proof services and as a result ProtonMail comes into the picture. @gargeyak Thank you so much for the update.


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        Re: ProtonMail- NSA proof free email service

        As I am not belonging to any terrorist or secret service group (though sometimes I deeply think to join one of them, because this boredom will kill me someday ) so I am not worried if NSA hack my emails, they will only find pending bill invoices .

        Anyway, ProtonMail service seems promising, so thanks for sharing. I will share this with my friends who are somehow paranoid about the feeling that somebody is watching them.